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**Book Blitz & Giveaway ~ Alaskan Nights ~ Nadia Scrieva**

Hey y'all! I'm excited to share Alaskan Nights! It's getting a lot of good buzz and it sounds heart-warming and fun! I have all the book deets for you, along with an excerpt and, of course, a GIVEAWAY! :)

The giveaway is for ONE ecopy of Alaskan Nights. To enter, leave a comment telling me about the longest road trip you've taken and why. The winner will be chosen randomly. This contest is open internationally. It ends April 14th.


Alaskan Nights by Nadia Scrieva
Publication date:  April 2013
Genre: New Adult Contemporary

When Brynne left Alaska, she promised herself she would never go back.

The day after graduation, she got in her beat-up Honda Civic and drove down the west coast to pursue her dream of becoming a Hollywood makeup artist. Growing up in a rural fishing village with dirty, rundown buildings, and dirty, rundown men, she longed for the glitz and glamour of the silver screen. She had no qualms about leaving behind her dysfunctional family and her nowhere-job at her mother's fishing tackle shop. She didn't even think twice about leaving behind the cute boy who came in to buy gear almost every day, shamelessly flirting with her and always leaving a generous tip. Well, maybe she thought about it twice; but she knew that a relationship with Callder Murphy would only be bound to lead her deeper into nowhere. She was sick and tired of being nowhere—and no one.

Brynne set out, determined to prove to the world that she was much more than just a fisherman’s daughter. Unfortunately, her luck and tip money ran out in Seattle when her car broke down. Exhausted from the stress of travel, she decided to take a waitressing job in the city for the time being. “For the time being” ended up being far longer than she would have liked. That was four years ago. Now, a call from home has alerted Brynne to some bad news. She needs to get back to Soldotna promptly, but she has been living paycheck to paycheck and can’t even afford a plane ticket home. Enter a ghost from her past as her knight in shining armor. Unexpectedly showing up outside her restaurant in a red Ferrari, Callder is determined to take her home with him, and keep her there for good.

* * *

Perpetually drunken playboy, Callder Murphy, is currently loaded. Of course, that’s only because he stole his big brother’s credit card. He was off in Vegas, doing what he does best (absolutely nothing) when he received the call from home. A name he hasn’t heard in years pulls him out of his mindless haze of stumbling from one wild party to the next: Brynne Ambrose needs his help. Pleasant memories of the rude, tomboyish, and completely adorable girl-next-door come rushing back to him with a vengeance. He drops all of his shenanigans and cleans up his act instantaneously. He uses his brother’s credit card to buy an impressive car, and sets out to win over the girl of his dreams. He knows he’s no good for her, but he can’t stay away.

Callder has been waiting his whole life for the opportunity to be her man, and he’s not going to let her slip away again.

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“Oh my god, I can feel it. We’re getting close to home,” Brynne said with excitement. “I recognize these mountains. These roads! Those houses!”
“Can I stop to take a leak?” Callder asked.
“No!” she told him. “Keep driving. We’re almost there.”
“Brynne, I’m serious, I really need to take a leak. That Canadian coffee is starting to kick in. My bladder is starting to feel like a balloon about to pop, and I really don’t want to mess up the new Ferrari. I’ve cleaned vomit stains out of too many nice leather seats in the past…”
“God, you’re like a whiny little girl. Here,” she said, pulling the empty coffee cup out of its holder. “Just empty it back in here. You can do that while driving, and I can’t. So take advantage of your anatomy.”
“Are you out of your mind?” he asked in horror. “I can’t do that with a lady sitting beside me. I do it all the time on my own, but…”
“It’s not like I haven’t seen your junk before,” Brynne told him, shoving the coffee cup at his nether regions. “Please, Callder? Please just pee into the cup for me so we can make it home without stopping.”
“Fine,” he agreed sullenly, “but you’re going to have to hold the cup. And everything else. I was taught to keep both hands on the wheel while driving.”
“What? You’ve been driving with one hand for the past thirty hours. Callder, don’t be a douche…”
“You’re the one who commanded me to pee. So help me pee.”
“Fine,” she mumbled, reaching over to undo his pants. She held the coffee cup in position, and looked away. “Go ahead. You can star peeing.”
A few seconds passed. Callder cleared his throat. “Maybe this is a little more awkward than I expected. Give me a moment to get the plumbing working.”
Brynne began to whistle in boredom. “Hurry it up already. I can’t hold your clogged faucet all day.”
“You’re holding it too firmly. Just be gentle. You don’t have to squeeze the pee out, you’re not milking a cow. Just let it flow.”
“Sorry, I’ve never helped a guy pee before.” Brynne glanced to her left, surveying the technicalities of the situation. “Hmm. It’s really small like this. I’ve never seen it this small before.”
“I think that’s about to change. Yes, this isn’t working as well as I thought it would.”

Nadia Scrieva lives in Toronto, Canada with no husband, no kids, and no pets. She does own a very attractive houseplant which she occasionally remembers to water between her all-consuming writing marathons.  Nadia has a degree in English and Anthropology from the University of Toronto. She likes knives. Her writing always features powerful females and (mostly) honorable male characters.  "Ms. Scrieva is clearly a very talented writer with a natural gift for weaving beautiful, sometimes lyrical prose that kept me entranced for hours." - Stacy Decker, Goodreads reviewer 

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  1. Cool excerpt. I like the sound of this one.

    1. I like it too! This book sounds like a lot of fun! Thanks for dropping by, Shane. :)

  2. This sounds like a fun read! I like Brynne already.

  3. This looks sooo good! I adore that cover.

    Longest road trip?? I drove from Arkansas to NE West Virginia with a 4yo and 1yo. By myself.

    1. I loved the cover at first sight, Andrea. Being able to read the excerpt just sealed the deal for me! ;)

      That is quite a trip! Traveling with young children is always a challenge - one I've done myself. But on airplanes...not in a car! :)

  4. LOL...oh GOD! That excerpt made me laugh! :) I might get this one today!

    1. Me too, Julie! This one really sounds like a lot of fun! :)


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