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**#COYER Mini Review ~ Burn ~ CD Reiss**


I'm sooo sorry. In my haste to get my reviews of the Songs of Submission posted, I inadvertently skipped #5, Burn! Gah!! This is what happens when you don't pay close enough attention to how you've divided serial reviews up. Hopefully, y'all didn't notice I missed a piece. Lesson learned! :)


Burn (Songs of Submission, #5)Burn by CD Reiss
Songs of Submission #5
Release Date: June 4, 2013
Genre: Erotic Romance
Source: Purchased ebook
Rating: 5 Bookworms

Here's how it's going to be, Goddess.

Until you surrender yourself to my fully, I will not touch you.

Until the world can know you belong to me, I will not kiss you.

I'm going to be inches away, at your side. I'm going to whisper in your ear and put my breath on your neck, but the heat of my skin will not feel the shudder of yours until you commit yourself to me completely and without reservation.

Oh my! Monica is trying to maintain the distance with Jonathan since she walked away. I think she's afraid - she's afraid Jonathan will hurt her emotionally and she's afraid of his past and that his reputation will hurt her professionally. While I get her fear, I also think she's being selfish because she's hurting Jonathan. Of course, she's miserable too. They orbit one another and they can't get out of the other's magnetic pull.

This may just be my favorite in the series - so far anyway. There is so much that happens in Burn, not the least of which is Monica's revelation regarding Jonathan and herself. That was a beautiful thing. Especially since Jonathan exercised so much patience with her. He wasn't willing to settle for anything less than all of Monica. They each open up to one another - more than they ever have. Jonathan even makes concessions in order for Monica to advance her career. 

The ending is a doozy! Just keep in mind that the entire series is available. :)

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