Wednesday, August 6, 2014

**#COYER Release Day Review ~ Bound Forever ~ Hanna Peach**


Happy Release Day, Hanna Peach!!
Bound Forever is now LIVE!!


Bound Forever by Hanna Peach
Bound #2 
Release Date: August 6, 2014
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Source: I received an eARC in exchange for an honest review
Rating: 4.5 Bookworms

The stunning conclusion to Bound by Lies...

Caden and I on the run. Together. But he still won't let me touch him and I know he is still keeping things from me. I am determined to uncover everything - at any cost. Even if it tears us apart.

Jacob is back. He's back and he knows about her. Now, everything that binds the three of us together are twisting and tightening, pulling us all together. I can feel the inevitable coming...
I don't know how this will end...all I know is, there will be blood.

Bound Forever was the perfect ending to the Bound duology. It combined all the steamy and the tension (eventually) I expected along with answering all my burning questions from Bound by Lies. Well, with the exception of one...

Bound Forever picks up where Bound by Lies ended. And Kitten is questioning whether she should completely trust Caden. He did just save her life but there are so many secrets and lies between them - mostly on Caden's side - it's hard to trust him...particularly with her heart. Caden, for his part, seems to realize, with a little help, that he's going to have to open up if he intends to continue building their tenuous relationship...and keep her protected from what's coming.

I delighted in the way Ms. Peach revealed everything. I was surprised and shocked at some of the back story. And my heart hurt for Caden and the events that shaped him into the man he is. Also, I understood his reasons behind hiding all he did from Kitten but I was elated once he began opening up.

I enjoyed the switch between past and present as well as the switch in POV between Kitten and Caden. The pacing was well done too. The one thing I missed was the intense suspense I'd enjoyed in the first book. Logically, I knew that some of the suspense would be negated by the illumination of the truths. But I had so enjoyed the riveting tension in Bound by Lies. I missed that element...until Ms. Peach socked me in the mouth with it. Wow! I was once again on the edge of my seat, holding my breath, waiting to see how it would all turn out. And I was surprised and impressed with how things ended.

Bound Forever, with the exception of missing that initial gripping suspense, was brilliant. All was illuminated in a satisfying manner...except for one thing. Hmm...

Hanna Peach
Hanna began to write at the tender age of seven, starting with a daring and questionable autobiography entitled Go Suck a Lemon. Perhaps it was a little before its time.

After leaving school she agreed with everyong who said she needed to get a degree and a real job to become a proper adult. She kept writing as a hobby. After starting (and never finishing) several degrees and switching from multiple careers, she finally decided that being a real adult was overrated. In 2012, she sold everything, moved to Europe and began to write full-time.

Eternally restless, Hanna has lived in Indonesia, Australia, German and Scotland. She is currently residing in England.

She is addicted to coffee and chocolate and would one day like to own a dragon. 


  1. This sounds so good, and I'm glad you feel it rounded out the series well. And wow, that cover!

  2. I agree wt Andrea, it is an awesome cover. I thought this was erotica good thing its romantic suspense! And from the looks of it, its a well written one too! Yay for a good ending!

  3. As a general rule, I enjoy books that bounce between past & present, and feature multiple POVs, so I'm pleased to learn that BOUND FOREVER has both of those elements. That's too bad about the lack of suspense, but otherwise it sounds like this book hit its mark. Happy book birthday, Hanna Peach! Oh, and hi Brandee! *waves*

  4. You're killing me with the "except for one thing..." LOL! I love that this is only two books, it makes it feel so incredibly achievable. And gah, that cover. *drools* Great review Brandee!

  5. Ooo, that is one HOT cover. Me needs to get this series... now!

    Marilyn @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

  6. Hehe....yes, very well done in the review! I agree with everything you wrote! That one thing has me pulling my hair out! Fabulous review Brandee!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  7. I have # 1 to read in this series. In answer to your Q about Mr X. I haven't finished it. It wasn't maybe for me. I checked out Goodreads and some love it some like me. I felt it needed more for me. Very much a similarity with Pepper's Monsters in the Dark, but not quite well written for me. Sorry I had to say that about Mr X. But it was missing some things for me :D


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