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**#COYER Review ~ Forever Sheltered ~ Deanna Roy**

Forever Sheltered (The Forever Series, #3)Forever Sheltered by Deanna Roy
Forever Series #3
Release Date: July 23, 2014
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance

Source: I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review
Rating: 4 Bookworms

Tina would rather sew up her girl parts with dental floss than go on a second date with a man. She's been dumped enough to know not to get attached.

But when Dr. Darion Marks comes into her art therapy room to ask a favor for a special patient, Tina recognizes the haunted look he buries beneath his stoic professionalism. So rather than be forced to ditch the handsome doctor after a single night, she decides not to date him at all.

So how exactly DO they end up half-naked in Surgical Suite B?

Dr. Darion has a lot to hide. His baby sister is the only family he has left, and he's not leaving her treatment to some incompetent hack.

But now he's breaking every hospital rule imaginable. He lied about his sister so he can manage her care, and now he's banging the art therapy teacher between patient rounds like a fraternity boy at a keg party.

Nobody believes this can end well, not Tina's friend Corabelle, who is overcoming a tragic history much like Tina's, or even pink-haired Jenny, who thinks sex with strangers is good for your metabolism.

But Dr. Darion and Tina have one thing going for them -- a fierce passion for each other that just might obliterate all their doubts, and solve all their problems.

Forever Sheltered includes many favorite characters from Forever Innocent and Forever Loved, as well as the much-anticipated wedding of Gavin and Corabelle.

It is a standalone HEA that does not require reading any other parts of the Forever series.  

First off, I know Forever Sheltered can be read as standalone but it really adds so much to the story if you've read the first two. 

I really liked Tina when we met her in Forever Innocent, so I was thrilled she was getting her own HEA. Ms. Roy didn't disappoint. I loved the story she wove around Tina and Darion. It was compelling and sweet.

Tina Schwartz is a former speaker for suicide prevention and a survivor. She's now an art therapist, working primarily with cancer patients. Tina's not had a relationship for six years - since the incident that led her to her suicide attempt. Dr. Darion Marks makes her want to re-think her one-and-done rule.

Dr. Darion Marks is a young doctor who's making a name for himself. As an oncologist specializing in pediatrics, he's really burning the candle at both ends. Especially since he's hiding the fact that one of his patients is his sister. Between managing every step of her treatment and handling his caseload, he doesn't have time for a normal life. Tina Schwartz makes him long for normal.

I really liked how Tina and Darion connected. Yes, there was attraction between them, but there also was something that calmed the other - and made them look at life a little differently. I liked Tina's interactions with her art patients - particularly an older gentleman named Albert. Albert and Tina have some things in common and he seemed to take Tina under his wing to give her something back in exchange for all she was giving him - through art. I enjoyed the candid scenes between Darion and Cynthia, his sister, too. Since no one could know their relationship, their interactions were usually professional, so seeing them as brother and sister was endearing.

I did find it hard to swallow that Darion could be so clinical in his treatment of Cynthia - how he could remain objective, but I liked how Ms. Roy conveyed this. The story is told in alternating POV between Tina and Darion and this format worked really well, although I wish Tina would have gotten more time with Albert. I would have liked to see that relationship blossom, but we may see more of Albert in future installments. The plot may be a little predictable in some ways but it worked and was what I wanted. And I thought Tina and Darion's ending was a tad rushed - but again it was what I wanted and made me happy. I love that Ms. Roy incorporated the whole Forever cast and that got to witness Corabelle and Gavin's wedding. That was the cherry on top.

Forever Sheltered was a lovely addition to the series. I was  happy to see Tina heal more - and it was self-healing - Darion was a bonus. I'm excited to see who will star in the next installment. I know I'll be satisfied in any case.


  1. It would be really hard to stay objective in treating a family member

    1. Yeah, I thought so too, Brandi. But maybe we think that because we're women...and mothers?!? I don't know. Maybe men are more capable of objectivity in a case like this. At any rate, the story was great!

  2. Oh Gosh I can't read something like this right now. It's so heavy it seems. How do you do it?!

    1. Ms. Roy does a great job of balancing the heavy with humor, Braine. I didn't include anything in my review about the fluffy pink sofa! ;)

  3. I think I remember your earlier review from this series. I'm glad to see you've continued to enjoy!

    1. Roy does is incredible at conveying the emotions felt by her characters due to what they've experienced. I think you'd like this series, Andrea!

  4. I'm glad this series is still working for you, Brandee. This sounds a bit intense for me--I typically like my contemporary, light and fluffy, but it works for you, and that's what matters ;)

    1. LOL This particular installment was a little lighter than the previous two, Jessica. I liked how Roy injected humor into this story. :)


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