Friday, August 29, 2014

**#COYER Review ~ Red & Wolfe: Part 4 ~ Ella James**


This was a shocking yet excellent ending for this fairy tale retelling.


Red & Wolfe: Part Four
Release Date: July 24, 2014
Genre: Erotic Fairy Tale Retelling
Source: I purchased an ecopy from Amazon
Rating: 5 Bookworms

Return to Rabbit Island for the heart-pounding conclusion to Red and Wolfe's story. Don't forget your extra panties - but this time, you might also want to bring your gun.

*This is a serial novella of approximately 30,000 words.*

I love it when an author can keep me guessing. And I was not expecting Ella to take this story in this direction. Not only did the story take an unexpected direction but I was shocked at the ending! And I kinda pride myself on being able to figure things out. Nope - didn't see that coming. Of course, Ms. James may have clouded my vision with all those steamy scenes. ;)

In this final installment of Red & Wolfe, Red is put in danger, Wolfe reveals all his secrets, and their feelings for one another - the deep ones - are brought to light. The way things all went down was surprising and brilliant. Ms. James racheted up the tension with some intense action scenes interspersed with the intense, sexy scenes. I delighted in the reveal of informatoin and was still scratching my head about who was behind the threat to Red and Wolfe. I enjoyed the changes in Red and Wolfe, too - how they realized that the lives they'd been living were empty and that, despite the danger, they needed one another.

I so enjoyed this serial - and how it all come together. Ms. James is rocketing up my favorite authors list. I'm eager to dive into her next fairy tale retelling!


  1. Ack! I really need to give this a try! So glad you enjoyed, Brandee!

  2. Oooh.... now I know I have to get onto this series... especially now that I have the first two!! Sounds Amazing!!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace


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