Friday, January 30, 2015

2015 Bookish Resolutions Challenge Update ~ One Month Down

Bookish Resolution Challenge

Laura @Trips Down Imagination Lane and Michelle @Because Reading are the lovely hosts of this challenge. You can click the button above for all the details.


If y'all will recall, I decided to participate in the Bookish Resolutions Challenge since I'm attempting to show my shelves some love, read mythology-themed books (that are already on my shelves), complete a reading list assignment, and clean off my ereader. My resolutions are:

  • Improve my Netgalley Rating (my current rating embarrassingly low...I know I have to include it here so y'all can see my improvement but...please don't laugh...  15.2%)
  • Listen to one audio book per quarter.
  • Write more discussion posts and/or create some fun features for my blog.

I made progress on 2 of my 3 resolutions. Yay!

As for my Netgalley rating resolutions, I made some progress. I improved my rating to 16%. I know it's not much...yet. But I'm happy that it's moving in the right direction. :)

I haven't yet listened to an audio book. But I still have 2 more months to accomplish this goal for the first quarter. And I picked up a few audio books to choose from. (using my credits so it didn't affect my book buying ban challenge ;)

In my quest to do more discussion posts or create new features for my blog, I introduced a new feature this month...Travel by the Book. In this feature, I share vacations spots I've visited that were inspired by books. This will be a monthly feature and I'm really excited about it!

I'm happy with how I've done this month. I'm behind on things right now (like commenting) because I've had to work more than I anticipated this month, but at least I can see that I've succeeded at working on my resolutions. :)


  1. Way to go, Brandee! I'm sure you'll be able to get your NG percentage up even more this year, you just have to enter our 2015 New Release Challenge to help motivate you ;)
    Have a fantastic Friday, my dear. *BIG HUGS*

  2. You're doing great with your goals so far! Progress in 2 of 3 resolutions is nice. And like you said you still have 2 months to accomplish your audio book challenge. And I really like your new feature Travel by the Book, I am looking forward to your future posts as part of that feature!

  3. Way to go! If it reassures you, my Netgalley rating is almost as low as that! I got around admitting what it is by posting how much I improved it by!

  4. You've been so busy working extra hours, going to visit colleges with your daughter-I can't believe you get done all you get done! WTG!


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