Sunday, May 10, 2015

Bought, Borrowed, & Bagged ~ #65

Bought, Borrowed, & Bagged is a weekly meme, hosted by TalkSupe, where I share with you the books I have bought, borrowed, or bagged (gifted or won) plus a recap of the previous week's reviews, upcoming reviews, and any other bookishness I want to share. :)


Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers!! 

It was another busy week for me - with getting ready for RT aaand finishing up projects for the high school music (band) banquet and going on a music field trip with my middle schoolers. And it's capped off with about a foot of snow just in time for Mother's Day. :) I will be gone starting Tuesday (I'm off to RT to meet Lexxie and Berls and many, many authors at RT!) and I won't be back until the following Tuesday. I'll still have posts. And I'll do my best to visit y'all's blogs from my phone while I'm gone. Have a great week!

How was y'all's week?? 

Here's what was added to my ereader library this week:

Act of Mercy (PSI Ops, #1)The Other Sister (Sister, #1)

Laura @Trips Down Imagination Road is responsible for my one-clicking of Act of Mercy. And she feels NO remorse for it. ;) I found The Other Sister on BookBub. 

Bought ($0.99 Purchase)
Gaming for Keeps (Agents of TRAIT, #1)

This one is all Silvia @Darkest Sins' fault! ;)

Crave (Undone, #1)

I received Crave from the author via Caffeinated Virtual Assistant Services for review! Thanks! 

Last Two Weeks' Reviews

Upcoming Reviews
Hopeless by Colleen Hoover
Never Seduce a Scot by Maya Banks
Off the Record by K.A. Linde


  1. You're so lucky, meeting the girls at RT, I bet you're going to have a fun time !! You've got snow ?! Summer is showing in advance, here, I have my windows opened on a sunny, warm weather, it's going to be very hot next week - weird spring... Enjoy your week and tell us all about it afterward ;)

  2. Silvia got me with Gaming for Keeps last week.

    I can hardly sit still, Brandee! I've checked in to my flights online, and have my boarding passes, my suitcase is ready, and I've finished folding all my laundry. I'm ready!! And it's only 1pm. *sighs* How am I going to be able to wait until very early tomorrow morning to leave for the airport? I can't wait to see you!!! *BIG HUGS*

  3. Jessica @ a GREAT readMay 10, 2015 at 6:10 AM

    Oh nice! those are new to me ones! Hope you enjoy them all!

    Here's my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  4. Weee!! Post pics of you and Lexie!! Happy Mother's Day, B!

  5. Other Sisters sounds like a great one. Hope you enjoy, have a happy mother’s day and great upcoming week.

  6. Hehe, I'm thrilled I got both you and Lexxie with my review for Gaming for Keeps! ;)

    Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day, and I certainly hope you're going to have a terrific time this week at RT! :D

  7. The Other Sister looks so creepy! :-) Sounds like there's another mini-marathon of activity before you! Hope you'll have fun :)

  8. Oooh... love the look of crave... hope you like it!
    So jealous that you are going to RT! But I am glad you are getting to meet Lexie and Berls!
    Have a great week!

    Naomi @ Naomi’s Reading Palace

  9. Nice haul. Hope you had a great Mother's Day and that your kids spoiled you.
    Also hope you have an amazing time with Lexxie and Berls at RT.
    Have a great week. :)

  10. So I went to look for Act of Mercy, and it's back up to $5.99-you got a deal! Darn-I wanted it but not that bad! Also, I am jealous that you all are going to RT. Something I will never get to do-unless it comes to Baltimore. I hope you all have a great time! Take pictures!

  11. I loved Acts of Mercy!! So glad you got some goodies and I hope you enjoyed RT!


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