Sunday, May 10, 2015

When Life's Kicking Your Butt, How About a Theme Song ~ May

Once again, my pal, Robyn, over @robgirlbooks, has us creating a soundtrack for our lives. This challenge is all about sharing the music you listen to when you need motivation, or to celebrate, or when you're happy or sad, or when you're cleaning, etc. Sounds fun, yeah? Here's how it works... Robyn gives us a theme every month and we post songs that fulfill that theme as it applies to us. Then at the end of the year, we'll have a playlist!

The playlist for 2014 can be found here (youtube link) if you're interested. I enjoyed sharing my family's musical tastes with y'all and I enjoyed being introduced to some new music. I'm looking forward to doing it again for 2015!



This month's theme is All About Mom. We had to think of songs that made up think about our moms, our kids, etc.
Here are our choices:

My Pick
My pick comes from the movie Stepmom and this song always makes me think of my kids - because there ain't no mountain high enough that would keep me from doing anything from my kids!

James' Pick
I've used this song as one of my picks previously, but since it *is* our song, James picked this one. :)

Sky's Pick
Sky said any song by the Avett Brothers makes her think of me. My love of this band is one of things that made Colleen Hoover a favorite author. Her use of quotes from their songs (in Slammed) and as a commonality between Lake and Will - well, it endeared me to her since I felt I was one of the few people who'd heard of the band. :)

Berk's Pick
Berk picked this song as one that makes her think of me. Can you guess why? I'll give you a hint...a little movie starring Bella and Edward. ;)

Jax's Pick
I believe I've mentioned I am a bit of a Foo Fighters fanatic. ;) Jax said any song from them makes him think of me. But he picked a 'mellow' version of one of my favorites. *ha*


  1. Great picks! Love Dave Matthews and Foo Fighters! :D

  2. Great choices. I like a lot of these as well. Not sure if I listen to just one thing when like is kicking my butt. Thank you for sharing.


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