Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Release Day Review ~ Sexy ~ JA Huss

Happy Release Day, JA Huss!!
Sexy releases today!

SexySexy by JA Huss
Release Date: September 9, 2015
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Source: I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review
Rating: 4.5 Bookworms

Imagine the man of your dreams.

The blue eyes. The unruly blonde hair. The perfect abs. How strong his muscular thighs feel as you dig your fingernails into the denim of his jeans.
Now imagine looking up to meet his gaze as he guides you towards his belt. Offers you a new life, a new destiny, a whole new world as he teaches you how to make him moan. Coaches you in the art of being sexy.

Would you say no? Could you say no?

Fletcher Novak is that perfect man and he just made Tiffy Preston the offer of a lifetime. And all she has to do is...everything he tells her.

First things first...if you tend to shy away from Huss because of her darker storylines, know that Sexy is something altogether and not at all dark. So pick it up, y'all!


Having read a few (read: all) of Huss' books, I've come to expect a few things from her:

  • I'm always going to get a fresh story
  • I'm always going to get a tightly woven story with a strong plot, and compelling characters
  • Things are never going to be as they appear on the surface
  • I typically learn something about human nature
Sexy delivered on all points. It is definitely unlike anything I've read before. I was introduced to characters I quickly became invested in as well as a plot that kept me riveted. And as Huss started the revelations, I learned something about judging a book by it's cover, so to speak.

Fletcher Novak - yeah, I didn't much care for him upon first meeting him. I, like Tiffy, felt he was an arrogant player. But as I got to know him, I began to see how unfair it was to make those assumptions - even if he was the one perpetuating them. I came to see Fletcher had layers and underneath that sexy facade was something even sexier - but not without flaws.

Tiffy Preston could be perceived as a spoiled, rich princess - with a touch of condescension. After all, when we meet her, she's out to fire Fletcher based on preconceived notions and rumors. Getting to know her and her background explained so much about her thoughts and behavior. I got to see past her veneer to the real her and, like Fletcher, I liked what I saw.

Fletcher and Tiffy end up engaging in a business arrangement of sorts, and more, because Tiffy wants to know how to be like Fletcher - confident and sexy - and Fletcher is certainly an expert in that field. In the end though, they both learn what it really means to be sexy.

My only wish would be to have had more time with Fletcher and Tiffy together - learning about one another - solidifying their feelings for one another. When they were together, they let the other see things they didn't show anyone else. But at the same time, they were both hiding so much. I also really missed the thriller element usually present in a Huss book. As it stands though, Sexy was fun, steamy, enlightening, and captivating...a story that will stick with me for quite awhile.

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