Saturday, April 16, 2016

#ShelfLove Discussion ~ Library Love

Bookworm Brandee

As part of the #ShelfLove Challenge, we have monthly discussion topics. April's topic is love for our local library. 

I'm so lucky to have a branch of my county library system only 15 minutes from my home. Y'all know that for most things, I have to make a trip 'down the hill' since I live in the mountains. Having a library so close is a treat! And our library is lovely. First of all, it's set against a backdrop of a mountain. It's gorgeous, both inside and out. The kids and I love spending time in the library - whether we're in there searching for something in particular or just leisurely looking for a treasure (my favorite way to visit!). Our library has really neat summer reading programs which culminate in prizes and special parties for top readers. My son has enjoyed a few of those. And we all make use of the ability to request a book online, then pick it up once it's been pulled for us. I haven't made use to digital reading through our library yet - mostly because I haven't taken the time to figure out the process. But it is an available service that I'll use one day. Recently, I've been using my library as a way to read new releases. It's a great way to keep from adding even more books to my already overloaded shelves at home. :D

How about y'all? Do you visit your local library often? Ever? What are you favorite things about your library?

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