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#OctobeRecFest Review ~ Becoming a Jett Girl ~ Meghan Quinn (@AuthorMegQuinn)

Becoming a Jett Girl (Bourbon, #1)Becoming a Jett Girl by Meghan Quinn
Bourbon #1
Release Date: May 29, 2014
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
Source: Purchased on Kindle
Rating: 3 Bookworms
Challenges: #ShelfLove
Recommended by: Naomi @Naomi's Reading Palace

How did I start the Lafayette Club?

Well, I'm in the business of saving tarnished souls. I hand pick girls from the street who have no options left in life and give them an opportunity they can't possibly refuse.

They come to work in the Lafayette Club which is full of EXQUISITE DEBAUCHERY, where influential men come to conduct business and lap dances are considered a fine art.

The girls are trained, they are morphed, they are educated, they follow the rules of the club and they know to submit to me. They live by my motto, no relationships, no love, just sex.

They are never touched, only by me, they are never completely naked, only with me, and their personas are entirely anonymous. The only person who knows who they truly are, is me, Jett Colby.

If these girls were ever seen on the streets of New Orleans, you would never know they were a Jett Girl.

I met Meghan Quinn recently and told her I'd just finished reading Becoming a Jett Girl. She asked me if it was scandalous. ;) Let me tell you, I was properly scandalized for sure. Becoming a Jett Girl had a bit of everything in it - sadness, angst, romance, suspense - and overall, it was purely entertaining. Scandalously entertaining.

Goldie/Lo is a young woman who's been down on her luck since Hurricane Katrina. Barely making ends meet as a waitress in a strip club, she's even resorted to less than acceptable means to pay her bills and those left to her when her parents died. Then, out of nowhere, comes an offer she finds it hard to refuse - a miracle - a means to left herself out of her miserable life and into a much better one.

Jett is rather enigmatic when we first meet him. Little by little we see more about him and realize the reasons and good intentions behind the Lafayette House. He's very noble in his intentions and with Goldie/Lo, he finds himself breaking all his self-imposed rules.

In some ways, this felt like a debut. There were issues with the writing - transitions were a bit clunky and there were editing problems. But the story and its characters were rather unique and that helped to make up for those issues. I will admit that Goldie/Lo's mouth had no filter - the cursing and other things that fell out of it were, well, scandalous. *winks* As Jett said,
"What comes out of that mouth of yours is never a dull moment."
Seeing Goldie/Lo and Jett get acquainted and start falling for one another was sweet though. With Goldie/Lo being so brash and feisty and Jett being so controlled, you'd think they wouldn't fit. But they meld together quite well, giving the other the ability to do things - like have calm or loosen up - that they can't achieve on their own. They also allow the other to see their vulnerabilities and that was powerful.

Even though there were editing issues, I quite enjoyed Becoming a Jett Girl, am fully invested in these characters and their stories, and am eager to see where they all go from here.

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