Tuesday, October 4, 2016

#ShelfLove Discussion ~ My Ultimate Christmas Wishlist

Bookworm Brandee

As part of the #ShelfLove Challenge, we have monthly discussion topics. Otctober's topic is The Ultimate Christmas Wishlist.  

I'm really not one of those people who starts thinking of Christmas early. I have 3 fall birthdays in my household, kids who love Halloween... point is, I don't usually start thinking about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. So is it terrible to admit I've thought about one thing I'd really like for Christmas? Well, I have. And I thoughts of this one thing before I start preparing this post. :)

This one thing is: a subscription to The Bookworm Box. I love the surprise of opening the box having no idea what'll be in it but knowing I'll love it anyway. And I really love that all proceeds go to charity.

So that's one thing. 

The one I thought of in relation to this post? Signed books from my favorite authors. But seeing as I'm going to RT next May where I'll get to see many of my favorite authors AND get them to sign books, I suppose I can let my registration and trip to Atlanta count as my gift. :D

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