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Review ~ The Farthest Edge ~ Kristen Ashley #2017NewRelease

The Farthest Edge (Honey, #2)The Farthest Edge by Kristen Ashley
Honey Series #2
Release Date: June 6, 2017
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Erotic Romance, BDSM
Source: Purchased on Kindle
Rating: 5 Bookworms
Challenges: #2017NewRelease, #COYER (summer)

Step into the Honey Club, where every sensual boundary will be tested in search of the ultimate pleasure...

Branch doesn't exist. Living off the grid, he's looking for a way to forget his past and the guilt that plagues him. But no woman has ever been able to bring him to the edge he craves.

After a traumatic experience of her own, Evangeline stepped away from the decadent world of the Honey Club. But when she gets Branch's offer - to play without boundaries or commitments - it's too tempting for her to refuse.

As their passion ignites, Evangeline and Branch push each other to their farthest limit, fulfilling their darkest desires while falling harder and deeper than they ever imagined.

I don't typically read the teaser for the next book in a series that are sometimes included at the end of a book. It's too much for me to handle knowing that little bit but having to wait. :/ But I couldn't help myself when I got to the end of The Deep End - I just *had* to know who starred in the next story. And to say I was thrilled and overly eager for The Farthest Edge once I knew would be a huge understatement.

When we met Branch Dillinger in The Deep End, I was instantly intrigued. He was an enigma - certainly dangerous if you got on the wrong side of him or a friend of his, but also loyal and seemingly...redeemable. He was someone you could tell, from the small page time he received, who'd endured and suffered...carried a lot of secrets and guilt...and he was someone I was dying to see his layers peeled back.

Evangeline Brooks was a character we were only told about. A Domme at the Honey, she had the unthinkable happen to her with her sub. Just knowing what happened and how that would affect her, I was eager to really get to know her but also to see how KA would pull her back from the edge.

Branch and Evangeline were made for each other. Oh, that's not to say anything was easy for them (although Branch might argue that with me) but their broken pieces were such that in helping each other put themselves back together, they also found connecting pieces which fit them together quite nicely. Learning of all Branch had been through made me ache for him. Evangeline, while living a good life minus the one incident, had a difficult time overcoming that one incident considering her position and the trust that was violated. Witnessing Branch and Evangeline work at mending themselves and each other was riveting.

I have to admit that The Farthest Edge was much easier to take than The Deep End. I don't know if it's because I was familiar with KA's version of the D/s lifestyle at this point or if it was because Evangeline was more relatable as a character. It might be a combination of both those things but whatever it was, I found The Farthest Edge to be a KA read that I was completely immersed in and finished in no time. I loved it!

There was no teaser for the next book, sadly. I have my top three desired candidates for the next installment but KA is keeping me guessing this time. I'm keen for the next story though.

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