Thursday, December 28, 2017

Favorites of 2017 ~ Worlds/Settings

I enjoyed doing a "look back at the year" in 2016 so I figured it'd once again be fun to bring 2017 to a close by listing some of favorites. I hope you enjoy reading about some of my favorites and I'd be happy to hear about any of yours!

  • Cognito - I'm finishing up the year in Cognito. I've enjoyed spending time there with Silver and all her friends. And Dannika Dark does a fine job of creating the "look and feel" of snowy, cold weather.
  • Denver, Colorado - the setting for Kristen Ashley's Chaos series and Dream Man series is brought to life in the stories...and I enjoyed spending time here, so near home, all over again.
  • Denton, Texas - this is where the Thieves series is set and it's perfect! Having lived in North Texas for 4 years prior to moving to Colorado, Blake nails the feel.
  • Chicago, Illinois - I've spent quite a bit of time in Chicago this year - mostly fictionally but also in real life. Helena Hunting's Clipped Wings series is set here and I liked how she brought to life the area around Northwestern to life. I also spent time in Chicago with Ella Frank's Temptation series and Jennifer Dawson's Undone series.
  • West Texas (Amarillo, Dumas, Ernest) - Having spent about half my life, before getting married, in West Texas, I quite enjoyed spending time there with the characters of Kari Lynn Dell's Texas Rodeo series.
  • New York City - I binged on Sylvia Day's Crossfire series in November and December, and she brought to life the hustle and bustle of the city through Eva's eyes. Having visited Manhattan before, it was fun reminiscing. Lara Adrian's For 100 Days and For 100 Nights is also set in NYC. She brought an entirely different scene to life in the trilogy.
  • Rome - Rome is not a location I'd ever hoped to visit...until I read J.T. Geissinger's Edge of Oblivion. Her description of the city as well as the underground city, the historical buildings and ruins, the art, the food, the mythology...yeah, Rome went on my bucket list.
  • Scotland - although I like to think I'd have liked to live during the time of Highlanders - and maybe I would - Gabaldon created a Scotland the felt very realistic in it's harsh beauty...very realistic. 

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