Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Favorites of 2017 ~ New-to-Me Authors

I enjoyed doing a "look back at the year" in 2016 so I figured it'd once again be fun to bring 2017 to a close by listing some of favorites. I hope you enjoy reading about some of my favorites and I'd be happy to hear about any of yours!

*~*New-to-Me Authors*~*
  • Sierra Simone - I blew through her New Camelot trilogy - in both audio and ebook. I'm a fan and am eager to read more from her!
  • Juliette Cross - I'm so happy I agreed to review The White Lily as Cross made a new fan in me with her fairytale mixed with vampires tale.
  • Kari Lynn Dell - I can't say enough about how much I love her writing as well as her ability to make life in West Texas as well as rodeo so vivid and authentic! (thanks, Anna!)
  • Lexi Blake - meeting Zoey and company from Blake's Thieves series was a highlight for me in 2017! (thanks, Kristen!)
  • Heather Demetrios - she delivered a YA so gripping and emotionally moving...a treat despite the difficult subject matter. (thanks, Tanya!)
  • Kiersten White - OMG! I still can't believe I put off reading this one - a female incarnation of Vlad the Impaler...need I say more?!? If y'all haven't read And I Darken, make it so!
  • Helena Hunting - I binged on her Clipped Wings series back in June for a challenge...the lady can write!
  • Georgia Cates - another author I can't believe I put off reading for so long. I'll be finishing her Beauty series in 2017.
  • T. Torrest - Remember When dazzled me with it's 90's nostalgia and characters I fell for...hard. I'm looking forward to the spinoff series coming in 2018. 
  • Diana Gabaldon - 'nuff said, am I right?
  • Pierce Brown - I couldn't imagine how blown away I'd be by Red Rising despite how much my friends gushed about it. I have the next two books already laid out. *wink*
  • Lenora Bell - I picked up How the Duke Was Won because the narrator is one I adore. However, I ended up a fan of Bell who delivered a tightly woven story with a feisty heroine and a hero to fall for.

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