Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Audio Review ~ Tangled in Texas ~ Kari Lynn Dell #AudioChallenge #2017NewRelease

Tangled in TexasTangled in Texas by Kari Lynn Dell
Texas Rodeo #2
Narrated byJohanna Parker
Release Date: July 4, 2017
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Source: I received a complimentary copy from Tantor Audio. This did not affect my rating and my review is voluntarily provided. 
Rating: 4.5 Bookworms
Challenges: #2017NewRelease, #AudioChallenge

Thirty-two seconds. That's how long it took for Delon Sanchez's life to end. One minute he was the best bronc rider in the Panhandle and the next he was nothing. Knee shattered, future in question, all he can do is pull together the pieces...and wonder what cruel trick of fate has thrown him into the path of his ex, the oh-so-perfect Tori Patterson. Tori's come home after her husband's death, intent on escaping the public eye. It's just her luck that Delon limps into her physical therapy office, desperate for help. All hard-packed muscle and dark-eyed temptation, he's never been anything but a bad idea. And yet, seeing him again, Tori can't remember what made her choose foolish pride over love..or why, with this second, final change to right old wrongs, the smartest choice would be to run from this gorgeous rodeo boy as fast as her boots can take her.
Contains mature themes.

This second installment was even more riveting than the first. Hoo boy but I'm enjoying the heck out of this series!

Delon is out of commission for bareback riding due to the accident suffered in Reckless in Texas. He's been assigned a new physical therapist and the person it turns out to be is a shocker. But she just might be the one to fix his knee...and his life.

Tori is back in the Panhandle working hard and trying to keep a low profile. Thanks to her parents and the man she married, it's not going to be easy. And then Delon Sanchez blows back into her life but the wind is a tad bitter.

These two have history...A history that is passionate but maybe a little poisonous. It was ironic that they both understood what it's like to be seen as something you're not, be expected to act a certain way, understand this and yet fulfill those expectations at the same time as chafing under them. They were perfect for one another and yet didn't see it. They also both wanted the same things out of life - things they'd always been denied.

The road back together was full of potholes but I still enjoyed the ride. I liked that Dell continually set up road blocks for them because it gave them both time to see things in themselves - things to alter or accept - which made them stronger as individuals which in turn strengthened their relationship.

Dell continues to wow me with her ability to convey the culture of West Texas as well as depict rodeo so clearly, I can "see" it all. I adore all her characters and have already started Tougher in Texas. I'm eager to see what Cole and Shawnee's stories are.

Johanna Parker also impressed me once again She managed to keep her voices consistent across these two books and keep them distinct. She's a pleasure to listen to!

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