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#TravelingtoTerminus Review ~ Four Days ~ Dannika Dark

Four Days (Seven, #4)
Four Days by Dannika Dark
Seven Series #4
Narrated by: Nicole Poole
Release Date: December 14, 2014
Genre: Adult, Paranormal Romance
Source: Audible
Rating: 4.5 Bookworms

Ivy believes every life must have balance, and during the past year, she's found harmony living with the Weston pack. When an evil spirit from her past threatens her wolf, it sets off a chain reaction of events that alters the course of her destiny.

Lorenzo Church is a powerful, wealthy Packmaster who rules his pack through intimidation and order. He has vowed to never love a woman because love can destroy an empire. But chaos is fast approaching in the form of a Shifter named Ivy--a Native American, like him, who has invaded his dreams since the moment they met. She is spirited, wise, and unattainable.

In an unexpected turn of events, Ivy must choose whether or not to let go of the one person she has always loved. Lorenzo discovers the root of her courage but will never win her as his mate unless he learns to listen to his heart.

Destiny will find you.

I've adored Ivy since her introduction to the Weston pack. Her quiet spirit and kind heart endeared her to me and I was happy to be getting her story. Lorenzo may not have been a favorite of mine but I really liked the man he was with Ivy.

I couldn't believe Ms. Dark would give Ivy even more to have to contend with. Even though Ivy took everything in stride, her wolf and her human had much to overcome in order to hold a place in a pack. As a mom, some of the things Ivy felt and experienced resonated with me. She had to make difficult decisions and although I thought she made the right ones, I could empathize with the difficulty in making them. I love Ivy's resiliency - her life philosophy. She wielded her words as the mightiest of swords and brought a tough alpha to his knees.

Lorenzo rules his pack with an iron fist. He equates love and compassion to weakness. And weak is not in his vocabulary. He's always been taken with Ivy though. When an accident brings her to his doorstep, it enables him to learn about her and what makes her tick. But what he learns from Ivy is that love - trusting someone with your heart - takes the greatest amount of strength. And it's a lesson he takes to heart.

Having to deal with the rogues brought to Austin because of Ivy, showcased the Shifter dynamics in Ms. Dark's Breed world. I continue to be impressed by this complex world she has created. She's given each character a signature catch phrase or mannerism - I'm convinced that I could name the character just by their speech and mannerisms. I also marvel at the pack dynamics - in Lorenzo's pack, but more specifically the Weston pack. I'm curious to see where the overarching plot is going and I'm also eager to know what role a new character, Lakota, will end up playing in it all. I also liked the Native American lore that Ms. Dark incorporated into Four Days. 

I can't say enough about how much Nicole Poole's narration brings these stories and brings these characters to life. I'm binge-listening to the series. It's addicting!

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