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**Blog Tour ~ Fall into Forever ~ Beth Hyland**

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Beth Hyland's Fall into Forever. My stop includes a few teasers, some interesting facts about Fall into Forever, and a giveaway!

Fall into Forever by Beth Hyland
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: March 10, 2014

Some girls may find guys like Jon exciting and charming. Some are even naive enough to want to date them. But guys like him can harbor dark, dangerous secrets. Secrets you don’t want to know or be involved in. How do you think they got this way in the first place? It’s best to follow your head and stay as far away from them as possible. Trust me when I say this: Guys like Jon Priestly are nothing but trouble.

Ivy McAllister had it all. Perfect boyfriend. Perfect life. Perfect future. Or so they tell her. Because one night, on a dark country road, a fiery crash changed everything…and Ivy can’t remember what happened. 

Now, two years later, at a new college far from home, she tries to regain control of her life, but her plans don’t include a tattooed, motorcycle-riding, indie music-obsessed guy with his own sorority girl fan Jon Priestly is the hottest guy at Pacific State University. Just ask his groupies. But with a dark past he must keep hidden, he shuts himself off emotionally and trusts no one. That is…until he meets a broken girl with haunting green eyes and secrets of her own.

Ivy shouldn’t be attracted to Jon. They’re wrong for each other in every possible way. Yet as they spend time together, something about him—everything about him—feels so right. But when threats from her past make her question what little she does remember, Ivy must decide whether to run again or trust the one person she can’t live without.

**Interesting Facts about Fall Into Forever**

• Jon’s last name (Priestly) popped into my head at the same time I heard him saying, “I’m no angel.” I thought the contrast was perfect!

• At the party where they meet, when Jon falls at Ivy’s feet during the fight and when Ivy climbs out onto the roof, I knew the word Fall had to be in the title. 

• When Cassidy tells about her little brother visiting her and passing out in public wearing only leopard print underwear, it was based on what happened when my little brother and his friend visited me in college. We still laugh about it.

• The book that Ivy references at the beginning about people being constructed from the parts of others is the YA book UNWIND by Neal Schusterman. It’s awesome!

• I got to attend the photo shoot for the cover. The female model had the funniest expression on her face when the photographer told her to climb onto the guy’s lap, because the two of them had just met.

• When I got an email reply from Christopher Poindexter saying he’d be honored to have his poem in my book, I fangirl-cried, took a pic of the email, and texted it to my daughter. (She and I both love his poetry.)

• The fictional Pacific State University is located approximately near Aberdeen, WA (where Kurt Cobain grew up), and is mixture of the cool elements of Western Washington University (to the North) and Oregon State University (to the South). 

• I became concerned with issues about online safety when a Seattle police officer from the Internet crimes unit spoke to parents at my daughter’s school. The depravity of some people is sickening.

• PSU Net, where students vote for the movie being shown free around campus all month, is based on Oregon State’s Beaver-Net. 

• When everyone meets outside Explorer Stadium before the start of the zombie race, I was envisioning a similar atmosphere (minus the zombies) outside OSU’s Reser stadium when I ran in the Corvallis Half Marathon last year.

• I got the idea for a zombie race on campus because 1) I’ve always wanted to run in one and 2) they have a Humans vs. Zombies event on the OSU campus, pitting humans against zombies. You’re never safe. You must always be on guard.

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Beth Hyland is the author of FALL INTO FOREVER, a contemporary New Adult romance coming out March 10. A friendly Seattle girl who loves books, believes in happily ever after, and has a closet addiction to YouTube makeup tutorial videos, she married her college sweetheart and has two awesome kids. She used to work in the tech field but prefers writing books. She also used to sell wedding dresses and cigarettes, despite the fact that she wore her mother’s dress when she got married and she’s never smoked.


  1. I love the facts about Fall Into Forever! It made me even more curious about the story. Thanks for sharing, Brandee.

    I hope it's stopped snowing, and that your birthday is fantastically awesome <3 *BIG HUGS*

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  2. Cool factoids! Dude I think I'll be over the moon if I got an email from say Anne Rice telling me she's allowing me to quote her in my work. Just that simple acknowledgement is priceless so I can only imagine her joy when she got that go signal form Mr. Poindexter

  3. I'm looking forward to reading Fall Into Forever. And I agree with everyone else, the facts make me want to read it more. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Fall Into Fever sounds awesome. Thanks for sharing both the teasers and the facts. And also thanks for the giveaway.
    I've added this one to my TBR pile.

  5. I really want to read this one! I think it sounds really good! I love those teasers and facts!

  6. Looks very interesting, thank you for sharing.


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