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**Blog Tour Review & Giveaway ~ Relentless Rhythm ~ Michelle Mankin**

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Michelle Mankin's Relentless Rhythm, which releases TODAY! Y'all know how much I adore this series and Dizzy's story was awesome! I have my review for y'all as well as a giveaway! You can also join the Facebook Release Day Party here.


Relentless Rhythm
Tempest Series #4
Release Date: October 9, 2014
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Source: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review
Rating: 4.5 Bookworms
Goodreads ~ Amazon

The one she really wants is out of reach.

The one he really needs is already taken.

Dizzy Lowell, rhythm man for the rising rock band Tempest is a izard on the guitar and a wonder with women. But the hookup specialist hides his emotional scars beneath his suave exterior. He never lets anyone truly touch him.

April Reynolds, the confident bartender of the Diamond Mine, knows her way around a cocktail, but Dizzy has her all mixed up. She knows what’s safe. She’s tired of settling, though. It would be so easy to fall under his spell.

Except for that ring around her finger.

Two searching souls separated by a thin metal band.

Some dreams are dangerous.

Some secrets shouldn’t be shared.

Sometimes what we wish for most can never be.

Does it say something about me that I love a story with two broken main characters? Broken but not unfixable - that's what I like. Relentless Rhythm delivered in spades. I'd been waiting for Dizzy's story and it was well worth the wait.

Dizzy Lowell is a player extraordinaire. He never makes it past a quick rendezvous in the most conveniently accessible location - bathroom stall, alley, wherever will do. We know about his childhood as he's Lace's brother. We know his mom was a crack head but in this story, we learn the extent of the abuse he suffered as a kid. And his suffering left him feeling unworthy of love and affection. When he lays eyes on April, something shifts. And as he spends more time with her, he starts to suspect April is hiding something as he alternately sees her strong side and her vulnerable side. Even more importantly, this time spent with April has Dizzy hoping that maybe he's not completely broken. However, they have a slight barrier to their progressing past friendship - April's wedding band.

April Reynolds is a bartender at The Mine. She's been watching Dizzy since he first set foot in the bar. She's seen enough to know he's a player but she can't seem to resist watching him. When Dizzy turns his attention and observant eye on her, she does her best to pull away. After all, she is married and to a dangerous man. But she can't deny the pull between them. Plus, the more time she spends getting to know him, the more she realizes there's a kind and caring man hidden beneath the rock star persona.

The relationship between Dizzy and April was a slow-burn. This made sense, as April is married, but it also made for a beautiful courtship. I liked seeing this tender side to Dizzy and April had me pulling for her - she deserved some dream fulfillment.

I really like the overarching plot that ties all these stories together. It adds another layer to the complexity as well as adding suspense. I also enjoy how Mankin weaves music into the story - it is about a rock band after all - so I appreciate the lyrics woven in, the concert scenes, etc. And I've mentioned in previous reviews that each book has its own element for social awareness. Relentless Rhythm's is abuse. 

The culmination of events was a little predictable yet still suspenseful. I'd figured out parts of what happened but was still shocked by others. Also, I enjoyed the part Sager and King played in it. Getting more time with these two was enlightening and fun. I like them so well I'll be happy no matter who gets the next book. I'm eager to learn more about the rest of Tempest and to see the bigger story's resolution.

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MICHELLE MANKIN is the author of the Black Cat Records series of novels. Romance with subtext. For many years she worked in the insurance industry as an underwriter. Somehow, the boredom didn’t kill her but the hour and hours of looking at facts and figures provided ample time for her mind to wander. Black Cat Records in Vancouver provides the central backdrop for all of Michelle’s current novels. Love Evolution, Love Revolution, and Love Resolution are a Brutal Strength centered trilogy, combining the plot underpinnings of Shakespeare with the drama, excitement, and indisputable sexiness of the rock ‘n roll industry. Things take a bit of a darker, edgier, once upon a turn with the Tempest series.  These pierced, tatted, and troubled Seattle rockers are young and on the cusp of making it big, but with serious obstacles to overcome that may prevent them from ever getting there. When Michelle is not prowling the streets of her Texas town listening to her rock music much too loud, she is putting her daydreams down on paper or traveling the world with her family and friends, sometimes for real, and sometimes just for pretend as she takes the children to school and back.
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  1. Oooh.... this sounds really good Brandee. Dizzy sounds like a characters I like to read about and I'd like to see how he courts April even though she is in a relationship. Fab review!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  2. What is the matter with Rock Bands? I find myself captivated by them more and more lately, and this is a series I already took into consideration right because of you, Brandee. Glad to her you enjoyed this instalment so much! :)

  3. Broken characters are fun! It sounds like this series gets better and better. So glad you enhoyed!

  4. Love a slow burn romance and love the tour banner


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