Friday, October 31, 2014

**OctobeRect Fest Wrap-Up**

Well, today is the last day of October, thus my OctobeRec Fest is at its end. And I only managed to get 4 reviews done this month. I was trying to finish Consequences by Aleatha Romig (a recommendation from Braine @TalkSupe) but I'm still not quite done so my review will post in November.

This was such a fun way to spend my month. And it taught me a few things:

1) YOU, my blogging friends, read some great books! ;) Thanks so much for all the recommendations. I'm going to continue to make my way through them through November and December. Oh, who am I kidding?!? Do you know how many books y'all have caused me to one-click? It'll take me longer than 2 months. But I'll be working on it. :)

2) I read at a much slower rate when I don't have imposed deadlines. I was anticipating reading so many books and I only managed 4 (well, 4.9). It has been a busy month with marching band, family, AND I worked more than usual too. But still...

3) I liked reading at the slower pace. 

I think this is a feature I'll do annually. It was a great way to make time to read some books I found because of YOU!

If you missed any of the four reviews I posted, you can read them by clicking on the titles below.


  1. I really enjoyed these posts this month too! If you do it again next year I may have to join you - lord knows I've one clicked like crazy from bloggy friends' reviews! A month dedicated to those recommendations sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. Not bad considering you have work and other responsibilities. What do you think of Consequences so far? Ill be taking you up on your rec of CD Reissue this weekend.

    Happy Halloween!

  3. 4 books is great for so much else going on in your life!

    I was curious how many I did, 10 o.o well that was quiet an improvement for my part. I didn't even realize I read that many till now heh.


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