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Title: FAITHFUL (Fearsome #3)
Author: S.A. Wolfe
Age Group: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 23, 2014

Book Description:
A bombshell waitress who wants more. A former FBI agent who wants less ...
except for her.

Imogene Walsh has always been unapologetically confident and ruthlessly opinionated with people, particularly men. No one is spared from her unfiltered mouth, but it hasn’t seemed to deter Cooper MacKenzie. Although he is not the clean-cut, businessman type she’s always thought she should pursue, Imogene is drawn to the sexy outsider who is the hottest topic in town gossip, the fantasy
heartthrob women love to speculate about.

She has spent most of her life in the little town of Hera, NY, putting her numerous forgettable relationships behind her and floundering in both her professional and personal life. Work and men—neither have gone well for her. Now it’s reached the point where she wants to stop playing it safe.

It may be time to live up to her tough reputation and take a chance on Cooper, the only man who isn’t intimidated by Imogene’s brash personality. However, it could be a thrilling ride that doesn't end well.

*This is a standalone novel in the FEARSOME Series.

My single friends are getting married and caught up in their newfound blissfully wedded lives of creating homes and being spouses. Meanwhile, I’m being left behind.
Therefore, I did what any normal woman would do. I grabbed the first bottle of champagne Lois had opened and got busy, pushing that tinge of sorrow and jealousy so far down my throat all I could feel was a complacent numbness.
Now I’m losing the cute, little runt, and I’m lost, stuck in the maze. I stop running and put my hands on my hips as I catch my breath while Toby’s giggles continue to grow farther away.
“Imogene,” a deep voice purrs my name, smooth and rich like sweet liquid on his lips.
When I turn around, he smiles. Man, he is handsome. I’ve always thought so, but tonight, the moonlight captures his tall, lean form in an unearthly sight of mythical beauty. His shoulder-length golden  hair shines, and his gray eyes stalk me like a wild cat. Being drunk takes my imagination to thoughts I have been dismissing for months. Inebriation is also what makes it easy for me to walk quickly towards him and fling my arms around his neck. Then I pull him down for the kiss I have long fantasized about.
Strong and solid, he resists my brazen behavior before giving in and kissing me deeply. The smoothness of his movements comes from experience and confidence and, hopefully, excitement for me. One of his hands presses against my lower back, pulling me tightly to him while the other reaches under my skirt and firmly holds one of my butt cheeks.
I grab fistfuls of his thick hair as I stand on tiptoes to kiss him. When we unlock our lips for air, I feel him smile against my cheek, and then I bury my face against the warm skin of his neck.
“Imogene,” he whispers, his breath tickling my ear and sending a shiver of tingles through me. I close my eyes and hold on to him. “I think I drank too much.”
“I’ve got you.”
I feel my feet leave the ground as he lifts me up. My head is about to roll backwards before he adjusts me so my face rests against his hard chest. My arms are still wrapped around his neck as a sleepy contentment takes over my body. I sigh, and his chest rumbles with a laugh.
This is an unexpected turn of events, one I don’t want to end.


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About the Author:

S. A. Wolfe lives with her family in New York City. She is a voracious reader of all types of fiction and passionate about writing. She loves connecting with readers on Facebook or email her at:

Website | Twitter | Facebook


  1. I read Fearsome a while back but didn't fall in love with it so I didn't continue the series. I enjoyed the teaser pic and the excerpt though so maybe I'll give this series another chance. Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. what a generous prize!

    Anyway, the excerpt is sweet and emotional :)

  3. I love the cover, this series looks very interesting.

  4. For some reason, I had totally forgotten Faithful was already out, Brandee! I have been a little busy since classes started again, but still! I look forward to this story, though, I can't wait to see how Imogen and Cooper will tell their story :)

    I hope you had a wonderful week, my dear! I have been thinking of you quite a bit. *BIG HUGS

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  5. Oh wow! This sounds sooooo good. I love those moments in books when a little liquid courage pushes people to do what they have been thinking about!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  6. I love that excerpt and teaser! Thanks for sharing,Brandee!

  7. Sounds good and I really liked that teaser! Thanks for sharing, Brandee!!


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