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Blogger Chick Chat ~ Trouble on Tap ~ Avery Flynn

Trouble on Tap (Sweet Salvation Brewery, #3)
Trouble on Tap
Sweet Salvation Series #3
Release Date: July 14, 2015
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Source: I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.
Rating: 4 Bookworms

What fun is life without a little bit of trouble?

Retired supermodel and forever wild child Olivia Sweet is nothing but trouble. The youngest Sweet triplet is back in her hometown, but instead of a triumphant return it's a parade of humiliations. She's broke, homeless and dealing with the fallout from her scumbag ex-boyfriend publishing naked pictures of her to a revenge porn website.

Staid and stalwart veteran Mateo Garcia has seen more trouble than a man ever should in his lifetime. He's gone from pretty boy Marine to a small town police chief with a chip on his should and scars covering the left side of his face. Now his former lover, Olivia, is back in town and living next door.

When the two are forced to work together to fix up the crumbling veterans' center, the sparks fly between the beauty and the man who sees himself as a beast. Not everyone is happy that Olivia is back home though and Mateo has to choose between the town who wants her gone and an uncertain future with a woman who he thinks could never love him...

***Blogger Chick Chat***

Lexxie (@Unconventional Bookviews) and I buddy read all book in the Sweet Salvation series. If you missed our previous chats, you can read them by clicking on the titles - Enemy on Tap and Hollywood on Tap . We've enjoyed our time in Salvation. We hope you do, too!


Lexxie: I just had to send you a quick e-mail before I go to bed, about how much I'm loving Olivia and Grumpy-Garcia! They are SO hot together, and I love that this is their second chance - for everything, not just for being together. What do you think so far?

I also really, really hope the mayor will just disappear off the face of the earth.

Me: I finished this morning. I've already had an early morning cry. *sniff* I'm so happy we read this together. 

You know I was worried I wouldn't like this one as much because I didn't feel as connected to Olivia. It felt like we hadn't been exposed to her enough. And we'd never met Mateo. BUT this is my favorite one in the series! Olivia and Mateo are definitely hot together. And as I'm a sucker for second chance stories, this one rocked! You're right - it is a second chance for life, really.

Olivia wanting to make things 'right' for her family, to make the Sweet name bring about more than gossip and snickers, and to prove she is more than meets the eye...all of that just made me adore and respect her.

Mateo's living with his fair share of regrets. And it broke my heart that he felt like he wasn't a person worthy of people depending on him. And ironic considering his job. That he finally realizes (with a little help from a little spitfire of a woman) the error in his thinking made me smile.

Ruby Sue is her usual scene-stealing self in this one. I actually think this is her best performance yet. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your big grumpy-man feelings, but you need to suck it up." That was priceless. Haven't we all needed someone to say "suck it up" at some point in our lives?

They mayor makes my blood boil. I'd been wondering how he kept his office when he made enemies like he does, but Mateo explained it. :) It seems like there is more to his hatred of the Sweets besides that documentary. I wonder if we'll ever find out?

That ending - funny that the girls said Ruby Sue said it was expected of them because I didn't expect it. But it was a nice way to wrap things up.

If I were going to complain about anything, I guess I would have liked the story to be longer - get to see more of the other couples, be in the brewery again, get better acquainted with Luciana. But overall, I was delighted with Trouble on Tap.

What about you?

I definitely agree that Trouble on Tap is a favorite in the series! Even if we didn't know Olivia and Mateo before this story started,I think that both the prologue and their inner dialogues made it very easy to both know, understand and love both of them - flaws and all! And they both needed those second chances, both when it comes to life and when it comes to love - I think that's partly why I loved this so much - apart from how extremely hot their chemistry was ;)

My heart broke for Olivia, the way she just wanted people to leave her family be, and also to make her sisters truly proud of her. It was as if she had put herself in the role of the air-headed model, and because she had done it so well, she had started to believe it herself.

Olivia's ex made me just as mad as the mayor did! And I actually hated that Mateo gave the mayor the heads-up and got him to be all slimy and smarmy in front of a crowd, even if it ultimately helped Olivia in her quest for the veteran center.

Mateo seemed like he had forgotten how strong he was after what happened in Afghanistan, as if he had left a big part of himself, his confidence and his heart behind, and now thought he wasn't really worthy of belonging or being cared for at all. You are right that Olivia and her strong attitude, as well as her capability for real love showed him the error of his ways.

LOL Ruby Sue was the best! And I agree, her little speech to Mateo was priceless.

Do you know if there will be another Sweet Salvation Brewery story? I would love that! Or at least something else happening in Salvation! You are right that we need to know more about Luciana, and definitely about why the mayor is so hell-bent on hating the Sweets... It's almost as if he wanted a Sweet girl for himself, and didn't get her ;)

The ending was cute, but also a little bit abrupt. I could have done with another 20-30 pages before that, I think. So yes, a little longer, to see more of the other couples and the brewery. But like you, I was happy with Trouble on Tap overall.

Olivia and Mateo really did need a second chance at life - what they'd gone through, they both needed a chance to prove to themselves, as well as others, that they were more than their looks and their actions. And I was so happy a second chance at love was part of the deal. :)

Olivia's ex was so slimy. He was almost worse than the mayor because he wanted to capitalize on Olivia. It wasn't enough to have taken so much from her...he wanted to take more. Ugh!

I don't know if there is going to be more in this series. I certainly hope so, too. I don't know that I could handle a book on the mayor but I'd really like to know why he's so sour on the Sweets. And getting to spend more time with the triplets, their men, and the brewery would be even more fun!

I've so enjoyed our buddy reads in Salvation, Lexxie! What are we reading next?!? ;)

I really like that sentence: being more than their looks - because they were both kind of hung up on their looks, but for the completely wrong reasons! There was so much more to both of them than the exterior package, you know?

We totally agree about Olivia's slimy ex! I'm actually happy Mateo went to town on him.

I don't think I could handle a book on the mayor either, but maybe at least a short story about Ruby Sue? She knows everything, right? And she would be a hoot to read about, especially because she explained a little bit about her privileged relationship with the Sweets. My heart broke for her and her pecan pie in Trouble on Tap!

I have loved buddy-reading Salvation with you as well, Brandee. We really do need to find something else we can dig into together.


  1. I need to check both yours and my TBR shelves to see what books we have in common, and that could count towards COYER as well, if we want to try another buddy-read this summer, Brandee.

    I look forward to chatting with you tonight (I guess your afternoon ;) ) *BIG HUGS*

  2. I'd certainly *love* to read another book with you, Lexxie. Getting to chat as we read/once we finish makes reading that much more fun! And getting credit for COYER would be awesome. ;)

    I'm sorry I didn't get to chat tonight. James' mom's wifi started acting up last night - kicking us off every minute or so. We had a repairman out this afternoon to fix the problem and we didn't have wifi at our chat time. I hope we can chat tomorrow!! *BIG HUGS*

  3. I do like the sound of that Ruby Sue! Great chat, ladies :)

  4. Abrupt endings aren't one of my favorite things unless everything has been said and done that needs to be! But then I guess it wouldn't be abrupt then :) I am glad you all had fun reading these together :)

  5. Loving the sound of Mateo and Ruby Sue, they sound like good characters and worked hard for their HEA. A shame you didn't get enough of the other characters. Sometimes authors squeeze those endings in, but I'm with you, wish they would take their time!

    Naomi @ Naomi’s Reading Palace

  6. Oh Ramona, Ruby Sue is awesome! I love her lack of filter and ability to see through everyone and call them on their *crap*. ;)

  7. I think Lexxie and I both felt that we could spend a lot more time in Salvation. :) But even though things wrapped up kinda quickly, I felt that everything that needed to be said had been said. It's just that we both would have liked more time with the couples, especially Miranda and Logan (from the first book). The whole series was quick and fun though. :)

  8. I still can't believe this one ended up being my favorite, Naomi. But it did! And despite the quick wrap up, I do think the series was fun and worth reading. Reading them with Lexxie made it even more fun! :)


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