Monday, February 16, 2015

2015 New Release Challenge Sign Up Post

New Release Challenge (un)Conventional Bookviews

Lexxie @Unconventional Book Views and Stormi @Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My! are co-hosting this year-long challenge to read books being released in 2015. They plan to host giveaways, read-a-thons, and Twitter parties to keep us motivated. Sign-ups are open until March 15, so if you want to join, jump to it! Click the button above for the complete rules and information. 

The rules are simple:

  • Books must be released in 2015 AND have to be read and reviewed in 2015
  • As long as the book meets rule #1, books can count towards more than one challenge
  • The minimum length for a book to qualify is 130 pages. It can be in any format though - physical, ebook, ARC or audiobook.
  • The New Book Release Challenge is open from January 1st through December 31st, 2015, and sign-ups are open until March 15th.

The four Levels are:

  • 1-15 books - New Release Newbie
  • 16-30 books - New Release Pro
  • 31-45 books - New Release Veteran
  • +45 - New Release Enthusiast

Since I'm aiming to show my shelves some love in 2015 and read books I already own, I'm only aiming for the New Release Newbie status. We shall see how I do! ;)

Are y'all interested in the New Release fun? Sign up and let me know you're participating so we can cheer each other on!


  1. Yay for joining this challeng! My goal is also the newbie status, although I think I am going to reach pro as there are already many new releases I didn't mention in my sign-up post that I will probably read this year

  2. Good luck Brandee. Finding balance between new books and those we own is hard, I think you did a great job of setting realistic goals while still tending to your tbr pile

  3. Oooh... this sounds like fun! I just am not organised for challenges... I feel like I am too busy most of the time! Good luck though girl!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  4. LOL Me too, Lola! I picked a lower goal but then started listing the books I'd already read - 6 - and, well, I think I'll reach higher. :)

  5. Thanks! Although, I should have set my bar a little higher. I was working on my Feb update post and realized I'd already read 6 this year! LOL

  6. This challenge would be easy for you, Naomi, since it'll be all the books you read for blog tours. :)


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