Friday, February 6, 2015

#FitReaders ~ Week 5 Check In


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Work and a sick kiddo slowed me down this week. But I squeezed in exercising. :)

Monday ~ I worked. But I got in an hour of cardio when I got home. I did get 11304 steps - 4 miles.

Tuesday ~ I did my hour of cardio at home - no yoga because I had a sick kid at home. I only got 7138 steps in.

Wednesday ~ Nada. Besides being home with my sick son, I wasn't feeling all that well either.

Thursday ~ I worked. And I did a yoga class - because I needed it. AND I did an hour of cardio. I got in 8380 steps.

Friday ~ I'm planning on doing a PiYo class - combination of pilates and yoga. And I'll get my cardio workout in as well. :)

I'll get some extra workouts in over the weekend. I'm still feeling good about getting my exercise in and eating well. Still haven't noticed a difference in my clothes. Hmm...


  1. Go you! I used to work out like a fiend . . . but that was a looooong time ago, LOL. My old exercise buddy is moving back to town though, so maybe I'll stop being a lazy bum when she gets here *crosses fingers*

  2. I've not been very good about eating as good as I should. I get my exercises in, but that makes me more hungry, so I eat more. I'm working on making better choices when I'm hungry. Eat an apple instead of chips. Still a work in progress. :-) Great job on your steps, even with a sick kid. Hope he is feeling better.

  3. I have loved these posts, so I plan on stealing my hubby's step counter to see what I do this week! Will be interesting!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace


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