Thursday, February 19, 2015

#COYER Mini-Challenge & Giveaway ~ Acrostic Accolades

Welcome to Acrostic Accolades, where I challenge you to write an acrostic poem to shower accolades on YOUR favorite character, book, series, or author!

To participate, you must:

  • Be a COYER Winter 2014-2015 participant
  • Leave either a link to your acrostic in the Rafflecopter, or leave it in the comments (make a note in the Rafflecopter)

That's it! This is a chance for you to be creative in showing some love to favorite books you've read. I can't wait to see what y'all come up with!

To reward your efforts, I'm offering a giveaway for a $5 GC to Amazon or B&N.


So, to get y'all excited and your creative juices flowing, I've written an acrostic. It's for one of my favorite series - which I read in it's entirety in 2014...Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley. Enjoy!

What IS a Rock Chick

R owdy, rambunctious, riotous, real, but a Rock Chick is always RIGHTEOUS

O bliging, a Rock Chick is always at the ready to help a friend in need, whether it be to lend a pair of shoes, talk through relationship issues, plan a wedding, deal with druglords, or provide rescue from a psychotic ex-boyfriend

C lassy; whether rockin' a pair of jeans with flip-flops or Juicy couture, a Rock Chick always looks her best

K een, a Rock Chick needs to always be 'in the know', which often causes problems that need attention from her fellow Rock Chicks and/or the Hot Bunch Brigade

C onvivial; a Rock Chick knows how to celebrate with her friends, and knows that any party worth its salt serves cashews.

H ardheaded, a Rock Chick has been known to take a stand and dig in her heels...often negated by her Hot Bunch Guy 

I ntelligent and able to get herself out of a pickle with a baddie or her Hot Bunch Guy

C ourageous in the face of danger, a Rock Chick knows how to throw a punch and/or operate a stun gun

K ickass, a Rock Chick can take care of herself (usually) but always has the other Rock Chicks at her back - nobody bar brawls like the Rock Chicks

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  1. Awesome challenge and I love your rock chick poem! I need to give mine some thought. Thanks so much for hosting!!

  2. WooHoo!! Rock Chick for the win, Brandee :) This challenge is really awesome, and I will post mine here in the comments in just a few, I just need to write one first... I have three series I'd like to use, I just need to decide :)

  3. OK, I just couldn't choose, so I wrote two...

    M A G E R I

    Magnificent, magical; the magi and other creatures
    Affluent, arrogant but also caring is he
    Gutsy, strong-willed, crazy and fun is she
    Effective, and full of humor and sensuality the story goes
    Rigorous training both physical and mental to make her stronger
    Irreverent, always, drinking giggly bubbles to make the party take off

    The H O L L O W S

    Hollow or full, something is always going on
    Ominous shadows over the city above the characters hang low
    Lowlives who want only power
    Likeable Rachel is there to save humanity
    Over-protective Jenks with his jokes about Tink
    Witty, and serious,never a dull moment with Ivy
    Slowly sensual, the burn is ever-lasting when it comes to Trent

  4. OMG you're briliant! I'm not creative nor do I have the patience to come up with my own! Cue the aplause! Great job, Brandee!!

  5. Wow, Lexie those are you want to write :)

  6. I am not good at these at all, I will give it a shot but I can't promise anything lol. Thanks for hosting a challenge for COYER! oxox

  7. Ooo you are clever my friend. I am doing Coyer..but have been crappy about participating. I blame the new grandbaby. Let me stop back later with one for Red Rising.

  8. Colleen Hoover,one of my favorite authors.

    C-Caring,capable, compassionate
    O-Overly amazing
    L-Losing Hope
    E-Exceptionally brilliant writer.
    E-Evokes extreme emotions (when reading her books)
    N-Never Never, what the heck??

    H-Hopeless, happy, hilarious, Harry Connick Jr obsessed
    O-One of the only authors who is an automatic 1-click for me
    O-Obscenely fabulous
    V-Very funny, vivacious vixen
    R-Rock star

  9. Great acrostic, Jennifer! I love Hoover too - so I appreciate your choice. Thanks for participating and good luck in the giveaway!

  10. Thank you! I think your new grandbaby is an excellent reason to be slacking in COYER participation. :) I look forward to seeing your acrostic for Red Rising. That's a book I've been dying to read!

  11. You can do it, Michelle! I have faith in you! :) <3

  12. Yeah, Lexxie is good at these, Stormi! LOL But I hope you'll give it a try - it's actually fun!!

  13. LOL Thanks, Braine! But I disagree about you not being creative...I've read your reviews! ;)

  14. *high five* Lexxie, those are incredible!! I know you'd deliver in this challenge. You rock! And you paid homage to two great series! I'm going to get back to them both SOON! Wonderful job, my dear. Good luck in the giveaway! And thanks for participating. **BIG HUGS**

  15. Aww, thanks! I was going to do one for the series but when I got started I changed my mind and decided to write it about being a Rock Chick. It was hard to decide what to write about though. You chose well, my dear! *BIG HUGS*

  16. Thanks, Berls! I'd almost forgotten to do it! I was thinking my challenge wasn't until next week. *ha* I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  17. I am trying too but I can't think of anything to do..thought of my favorite author but she has an X in her name..can't think of anything to go with Still thinking though..

  18. I went with Fever Series since I am reading #5

    F-Fiesty females killing Fae
    E-Elusive and Sensual Jericho Barrons
    V-Venturous Dani O'Malley
    E-Epic writing from a fabulous writer
    R-Risk takers fighting Fae

    S-Sensual, Sexy Jericho Barrons
    E-Evocative scenes of destruction
    I-Imaginative images the author invokes
    E-Excitement thoughout the series that keeps you reading
    S-Satisfying reads

    Oh my goodness I am not good at this, it took me forever to think of something to do and then couldn't think of any words....Jericho deserved to be mentioned twice, so couldn't help it..hehehe. :)

  19. Jericho definitely deserved to be mentioned twice, Stormi :D I love him! And you did well, the Fever series is indeed satisfying and fun with both romance and destruction.

  20. Thanks Brandee :) I always have fun with Acrostic poems, they alway end up with something a little bit corny because each line with a certain letter :D
    I hope you're having a great weekend, my dear. *BIG HUGS*

  21. It's awesome, Stormi!! And I'm with Lexxie - Jericho absolutely deserves double mentioning. *swoon* I'm glad you picked this series...Jericho was on my list to highlight. :)

  22. Red Rising by Pierce Brown
    Red Rising will be standout among its peers

    Epic world-building, brutal, and enthralling

    Darrow is complex, a hero most worthy

    Reds slaves to the Gold will rise

    Infiltrate the Gold and attack from within

    Science-fiction, complex characters and outstanding
    world-building in this tale that left me spent and begging for more

    Iies and deception

    No word is wasted, beautifully written and captivating


  23. Man, I am so not creative!!

    Run my hands all over you
    Every inch of mine to explore
    Man muscle, slick ab's
    You make me want to be young again!!


    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  24. Naomi, that's some awesome!! I'm going to have to push Remy up higher in the queue. ;)

  25. Fantastic, Kimba!!!! I've heard so many great things about Red Rising. I'm going to have to pull it off my shelf SOON!!

  26. Well... I had to give you something!! And I was NOT going to pick a book with a long title!! lol


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