Saturday, February 28, 2015

Challenges Update ~ #COYER, #2015HW, #ShelfLove, Mythology Reading Challenge, LGBT Reading Challenge, 2015 New Release Reading Challenge

I can't believe February is already gone. I did well this month though. Here's my update:


This challenge is hosted by Berls @Fantasy is More Fun and Michelle @Because Reading.

This month, I read Fight With Me (which also counted towards the COYER Next in Series RAT) and Breathe. So far I've read 4 of 24 from my Reading Assignment. (images take you to my reviews)

Bully (Fall Away, #1)Endure (Need, #4)Breathe (Sea Breeze, #1)Fight with Me (With Me in Seattle, #2)

Show Your Shelves Some Love: No Book Buying Challenge

This challenge is hosted by Chapter Break and Second Run Reviews.

I've shown my shelves some love - my digital shelves anyway. ;) I've read 13 books so far! You can click here to check out the books and their reviews on Goodreads or click on the book images below. 

Bully (Fall Away, #1)Endure (Need, #4)Breathe (Sea Breeze, #1)Fight with Me (With Me in Seattle, #2)Tempted by a Rogue Prince (Eternal Mates, #3)Half-Blood (Covenant, #1)Obliterate (Havoc, #2)Three, Two, One (321)Spend the Night I (The Hotel Collection, #1)Dance For Me (Fenbrook Academy, #1)Strange Magic: Part One (Magic, #1)The Governess Affair (Brothers Sinister, #0.5)Seven Sons (Gypsy Brothers, #1)Daimon (Covenant, #0.5)Soul Avenged (Sons of Wrath, #1)Claimed by a Demon King (Eternal Mates, #2)Lord Wastrel (The Curse of True Love #2)A Gentleman's Promise (Scandalous Series, #1)Strange Magic: Part Two (Magic, #2)

As part of this challenge, I budgeted $10/month for books. In February, I only spent $2. You read that right! I only *purchased* TWO books. Which means I carried over $8 to March PLUS the 5 books I *earned*. I gotta say though that I'm rather enjoying NOT purchasing books. (Don't worry, I still add books...they're just freebies!)

With that in mind, I altered the ways in which I could earn books - at least where reading is concerned. Now, I must read 5 books from my shelves to earn a book. The other ways to earn stayed the same...for every week that I exercise 5 days, I earn a book. And for every 5000 words I write on my book, I earn a book. 

So for February, I earned:

15 Books = 3 Books Earned
2 Weeks of 5 days of Exercise = 2 Books Earned
~8000 Words Written = 1 Book Earned

As for writing, I'm really struggling right now. I had about a week where I was on a roll but then life got in the way. We'll see how March goes.

Also, I'm once again going to tweak my *earning* methods. I've made it too easy on myself. Even though I'm not one-clicking that much, I'm also not feeling any 'pain'. :) Look for the changes to my earning methods in next month's update.

Winter 2014-2015 COYER Sign Ups

This challenge is also hosted by Berls @Fantasy is More Fun and Michelle @Because Reading.

So far, I've read 35 books for COYER and there's only 1 week left. I haven't posted all my reviews yet, so I better get busy! I'm proud of the number of books I've cleaned off my ereaders, though. :) 


This challenge is hosted by Niji Feels.

I read one book that qualified for this challenge in February.

Come Undone (Rock Hard, #1) 

This challenge is being hosted by Lili Lost in a Book.

I challenged myself achieve God level or 6-10 books. So far, I've read:

Endure (Need, #4)Half-Blood (Covenant, #1)Daimon (Covenant, #0.5)Strange Magic: Part One (Magic, #1)Strange Magic: Part Two (Magic, #2)

New Release Challenge (un)Conventional Bookviews

Lexxie @Unconventional Book Views and Stormi @Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My! are co-hosting this year-long challenge to read books being released in 2015. I challenged myself to reach New Release Newbie status - or 1-15 books. Y'all, I didn't realize I'd already read so many! I think I need to reach higher! ;)

Strange Magic: Part One (Magic, #1)Strange Magic: Part Two (Magic, #2)Fading Out (Living Heartwood, #3)Acting Brave (Fenbrook Academy #3)All Fired Up (Black Halo, #2)Spend the Night I (The Hotel Collection, #1)Past HeavenThree, Two, One (321)Hunted by a Jaguar (Eternal Mates #4)Incite (Ignite, #2)Craved by an Alpha (Eternal Mates, #5)Spend the Night II (The Hotel Collection, #2)Spend the Night III (The Hotel Collection, #3)For Authentication Purposes

I'm pretty happy with my progress with all my challenges. Bring it on, March!


  1. 13 #ShelfLove books, woot! I'm working on clearing off some of my ARCs right now. Have a great week.

    Terri M., the Director
    Second Run Reviews

  2. Yeah, I'm feeling pretty good! :) I'm going to work more on my physical shelves this month. I hope you have a great week as well.

  3. Good luck! I look forward to you end of month update.

    Terri M., the Director
    Twitter: @2ndRunReviews

  4. Wow you are doing great! I also think I could've reached for a higher goal for the new releases challenge I have already read 7 books for that challenge and my goal was 15.

  5. Holy wow you are doing so well. Maybe I will try your method of earning and not buying any books. I have gotten waay too many since a lot of them are for pre-ordering things. Oh well. Good for you on writing though, it can definitely be hard especially when busy. So glad you have gotten so many books read. I need to move in with you so you can whip me into shape! lol


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