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**Fangirling Over J.A. Huss ~ Day 3**

Greetings and welcome to Day 3 of my Fangirling Over J.A. Huss event. In case you've been lost in a good book :) and missed it, I've recently become a bit of a fanatic over Ms. Huss' I Am Just Junco series. I don't really have the words for how much I adore this series y'all. I wanted to do something special to share the books and Ms. Huss with you. So I decided I'd do some fangirling! :) And this week, not only am I sharing my reviews...I'm also hosting a giveaway! I will be gifting TWO lucky (although Junco would say you don't want luck to have anything to do with it ;) winners ONE digital copy each of a title from the series. That way, if you haven't read the series, you can get started. And if you have, I can get your further along. 

You can read my reviews of Clutch (#1 I Am Just Junco) and Fledge (#2) by clicking on their title. And as long as I'm fangirling over Ms. Huss, click here to check out the cover and book trailer for her NA Contemporary Romance, Tragic, releasing in May. 

Today, I'm reviewing Flight, the third book in the series. And tomorrow, I'll be reviewing Range and Magpie Bridge, books 4 and 4.5.

Alright, alright...let's get to fangirling!

Flight (I Am Just Junco, #3)Title: Flight
Series: I Am Just Junco #3
Author: J.A. Huss

Synopsis from GoodReads:
You don’t want to owe that Luck bastard anything. It always asks for something in return.

There’s a new twist on an old prophecy and this one brings the End of Days. Junco must make a choice – human or avian? Only one race can survive.

Lucan has secrets and the lies are flowing like a mountain river during spring thaw. But he needs Junco to cooperate just a little bit longer or it all falls apart.

The Siblings on Earth are waiting for the Seventh to return and pull their clutch together. But Earth has secrets too – secrets that change everything.

Junco has survived against impossible odds, but the cost of survival is higher than she ever imagined. Luck is about to catch up with Junco Coot and her debt must be paid.

CONTENT WARNING - You know the drill...this is Junco we're talking about, right? Bad language, no qualms about killing.

And it's all been leading up to this! This is what Junco's been trained for - to extract her six siblings so they can save the avians and to set the prophecy in motion. But this is Junco - and nothing goes according to plan. Flight is another tension-filled, action-packed thrill ride of a read!

Before the Aves can start the mission, Junco must endure a twine with Isten. As a side note - I love that we get to know secondary characters so well and that it's a different one in each book. - Anyway, Junco agrees to the twine and this enables both she and Isten to perform in battle at an even higher level and it links them indelibly.

Once the mission is in play and the team is on Earth again, Junco must, once again, decide who she can and can't trust. She is reunited with her mother and father, and a childhood friend whom she has lost memories of.

Not only does Junco have to deal with or avoid the political machinations of her parents but she has to convince the Six Siblings to come with the team back to The Band. And thereby, trigger the prophecy. All before the nuclear reactor powering the Mountain Republic blows!

However, Junco is faced with some startling revelations during her escape attempt. Some of these revelations have me realizing there is so much more going on here that I realized. Junco does have a destiny to fulfill. And a choice to make. 
"Yeah, well, I know for a fact I won't die here, Gideon. I've got a destiny and it isn't to be slashed to pieces by my brother's clones. So, yeah, I'm good with this, let's go."
-Junco to Gideon
With each book in this series, Ms. Huss provides us with answers to questions posed in previous books. But she also leaves us with new unanswered ones and Flight is no exception. At the end, I was gasping and saying "Wait. What?!?"

In Flight, I delighted in another tightly written, pulse-pounding story. Junco's world is just as gritty and violent as ever, but Ms. Huss' description of it and the action that occurs is brilliant! I'm ever so pleased to be on this journey with Junco. I find I identify with her wanting to believe in people - even though she has no reason to. 

"You're too trusting, for all the shit you've been through, you are way too trusting. Sera was right. You want to believe so bad. But don't. Don't believe anyone."
-Gideon to Junco
I can't get enough of Junco!

As I said, I'll be gifting 2 digital copies of one of the books from the series - so 2 people can win 1 copy each. 

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  1. You are going to make me read this! God!

  2. Wow, I've never heard of this series before, but it sounds fantastic. Your enthusiasm is infectious! Thanks for sharing, Brandee !

    1. Thanks, Andrea. The story is unique and I, obviously, just love it!


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