Friday, March 8, 2013

** Jerk of My Dreams #2 **

From Ginger Voight's Groupie Trilogy...Why I found Vanni irresistible...

This scene is when Andy first meets Vanni (in Groupie) after his concert.

"He gave me a sexy smirk only Bruce Willis before him could master. 'Iris tells me I should always leave them wanting more. What's more attractive than a star you can't quite catch?'


He motioned to the gyrating crowd in the center of the bar. 'Care to dance?'

'I don't really...' my standard protest began but he grabbed my hand in his and was already leading me through the crowd onto the tiny dance floor. It was so crowded and so tiny that we ended up plastered together, as if the glistening sweat from his earlier performance bound us together like some sort of sensual adhesive. 

I didn't even really know how to dance, he led the motions from the moment his arms locked around my waist, with his fingertips pressed into the soft, generous curves of my backside. He ground against me in time to the music, a primal thundering beat that pulsated between the sexually charged lyrics. His eyes were locked on mine and I was glad he was holding me up when he started to sing directly into my ear, because I nearly melted to the floor. His breath was warm against my neck, and I felt his open mouth against my skin. In that moment the world disappeared in a flash and I knew one inescapable truth.

I had just been hit by lightening - and his name was Giovanni Carnevale.

With a knowing smile he slid his palm over the curve of my ass and planted a kiss on the tip of my upturned nose. Then with a wink he disappeared in the throng of people leaving me thunderstruck and frustrated with no viable means of immediate relief.

'Always leave them wanting more,' his words drifted around in my foggy subconscious. The only thing that kept me from chasing after him was the knowledge that was what he expected me to do."


  1. Definitely! I haven't read that trilogy, but based on your excerpt...I would have to agree. He certainly sounds like a jerk to dream about :D Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven

  2. I can't believe you haven't read Angelfall yet! You read too much romance Brandee. A little dystopia, maybe? Hum...

  3. Oh, nice! I've been hearing a lot about Vanni. I nee to meet him soon.)

    (Thanks for the book recs on my blog today. I intend to check them out!)

    1. Yeah, you do! I really enjoyed the trilogy!

      I look forward to hearing your thoughts on both Groupie and the Donovan Brothers Brewery series. I really think that series (DBB) has everything you look for in a book, Andrea! :) LOL

  4. I want to read this series so bad! I've had them on my kindle forever, I just haven't gotten to them. Hopefully one day. I just know I'll LOVE Vanni. :)

    1. You will LOVE Vanni...and you will HATE Vanni! ;) Can't wait to hear what you think of him once you read the series!


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