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**Review ~ Always On My Mind ~ Bella Andre**

Always on My Mind (The Sullivans, #8)Title: Always On My Mind
Series: The Sullivans #8
Author: Bella Andre
Genre: Contemporary Romance

**I received an eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review

Synopsis from GoodReads:
Lori “Naughty” Sullivan finally falls in love in ALWAYS ON MY MIND, the new book in Bella Andre’s New York Times and USA Today bestselling series about the Sullivan family.

After a tragic loss three years ago, Grayson Tyler left his life in New York City behind and started over in the rolling hills of the California coast. He's convinced himself that all he'll ever need again is the blue sky, a thousand acres of pasture, and the crashing waves of the ocean. Until one day, Lori Sullivan barges into his life and promptly blows his emotionless and solitary world to shreds, driving him crazy as only a woman nicknamed “Naughty” can. But will Lori be able to convince him that it's safe to love her...and that forever isn't actually out of reach?

I can always count on Bella Andre for a heartwarming romance with real and flawed characters. So when I was offered the opportunity to review Always On My Mind, I jumped at it. And Ms. Andre didn't let me down. In fact, she may have outdone herself - I think this may be my favorite Sullivans book yet! :)

Lori "Naughty" Sullivan has decided she needs a break from her life, love and definitely MEN! She's just suffered humiliation at the hands of her now ex-boyfriend. She needs some time away to decide where she goes from here. Especially since she's lost her love for dance and up until recently, dancing was her life. A chance trip to Pescadero leads her to a farm, a fence post and a handsome farmer named Grayson.

Grayson Taylor is a man that has shut himself off from everything and everyone save his farm crops and animals. After suffering through the death of his wife, he knows one thing for sure...he'll never allow himself to love again because it only ends in pain. Too bad love came crashing into his fence post and his life.

I absolutely adore Lori and Grayson. Their snarkiness toward one another as they fight their attraction is hilarious. Lori knows just how to push all Grayson's buttons and she delights in pushing every single one. One thing I enjoyed about their story was watching the slow descent into love these two take. I mean, it was inevitable, but it took them awhile to give in and it was such a pleasure to watch.

I have been waiting to read Naughty's story...wanted to see her get her chance at true love. Of course, it would come by way of crashing her car into a fence post. And Grayson is the finest complement to Lori. I loved that he kissed her to get her to shut up! :) And don't get me started on Lori naming pigs after her siblings. If you're in the mood for a well-written, poignant love story, you can't go wrong with Always On My Mind

** 4 1/2 Worm Rating  :)

If you haven't read the Sullivans series yet, know that they don't have to be read in order. 


  1. That gave me a good laugh! I love it when a character kisses someone to shut them up. Plus when you mentioned her naming pigs after siblings...well that reminds me of a guy at work that has goats named after some of the girls in the office. He loves coming in saying, "Michele is pregnant," and "Karen sure is getting fat." Great review! Their love story sounds like a good one. Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven

  2. I think this is the best in the series, too! I loved Lori and Grayson and their epic love story. I'm so sad the original Sullivans series is ending, but what a great book to leave on.
    Great review, Brandee!

  3. So many people love these books! One of these days I will make time for them. Great review!

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives


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