Friday, November 6, 2015

#TravelingtoTerminus Audio Review ~ Six Months ~ Dannika Dark

Six Months (Seven, #2)
Six Months by Dannika Dark
Seven Series #2
Narrated by: Nicole Poole
Release Date: March 25, 2014
Genre: Adult, Paranormal Romance
Source: Audible
Rating: 4 Bookworms

April Frost is a compassionate young woman with a steady job and ambitious goals. But the harder she runs away from her past, the more it threatens to destroy her. When three strangers enter her life, April is forced to face her demons and it's a battle she may not win.

Private investigators in the Breed world are men who take risks, and Reno Cole is no exception. As a Shifter, he's expected to control his inner animal. But lately his wolf has been venturing dangerously close to the city, and he's about to discover why. When Reno is reintroduced to a family friend, the attraction is immediate. April captivates him with her secretive eyes and resilient spirit. She's also in trouble, and despite the fact she's human, Reno can't turn his back on her.

April is caught between two worlds: One that threatens to bury her dreams and another that could fulfill them. Can she trust the wolf at her door and find the courage to overcome her demons?

Six Months was exciting and frightening to read. But it was also a bit frustrating. I was eager for Reno's story, and I enjoyed getting April's, but there were times I found myself wanting to shake April. The decisions she continually made were troubling.

Reno is the oldest of the Cole brothers yet he wasn't born the Alpha. That's not to say he isn't a alpha-male. Reno is rough and gruff. He doesn't share much with his brothers - or anyone. But he always has their back. Reno has seen and done things that have hardened him so it was interesting seeing him soften over a human. 

April - this poor girl has survived so much heartache. She prides herself on always picking up the pieces and carrying on. Yet the choices she made, hard ones I admit, when it came to taking care of the debt her dead grandma had incurred, made me wonder how she'd survived. She's soft-hearted and compassionate. But, the fact that she didn't ask for help - from people who could really help - made me want to scream.

There were some clues dropped and plot threads women in this installment that have me eager to continue. There were also some lovely and some scary characters introduced to further these plot lines. Ms. Dark had me terrified several times as April faced some big bads. I'm completely invested in this Breed world though. Ms. Dark has created such an interesting dynamic between the Breed world and the human one. Sooo good! And Nicole Poole does a fabulous job with all the character voices as well as narrating in a way that keeps the pace of the story perfect. Oh, and she does well with ratcheting up the tension too.

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