Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday Post #1 ~ Happy 2016 and a #Giveaway

Sunday Post

As y'all probably all know, the Sunday Post is hosted by Kimba @Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It's a chance to share my news from the week whether it be book, blog, or just life news. Since I read so many of your Sunday Posts and I wanted to add something new in 2016, I've decided to join in the fun!


Happy New Year, y'all! I know I've been scarce around the blogosphere but I took this last week to spend time with my kiddos and my hubs since I was working for most of their time off. I don't get to spend much time with my family when we aren't rushing to this or that event - of they're just plain not here. Hubs & I took the kids to see the new Star Wars movie (which was the bomb!) and then took them shopping so they could spend a little of their Christmas loot. We've had family movie nights, gone snowshoeing, skiing, and I've let my younger daughter practice driving. O_O  We've all had a really good time and I've enjoyed getting some quality time in with them all.

Hubs goes back to work tomorrow and the kids go back to school on Wednesday. I'll be back to my regularly scheduled programming this week...getting back on track with my daily schedule and exercise! And I'll be around to catch up with y'all!


PSA: Two of my favorite authors have boxsets of two of my favorite series on sale for only 99 pennies! So I'm kicking off the New Year with a giveaway! The I Am Just Junco Series by JA Huss AND the Tempest Series (Tempest Raging) by Michelle Mankin are up for grabs! And TWO lucky people are going to win! (one winner per boxset)

I'm making this an easy enter. Just let me know in the comments if you'd like to be entered. I'll use to pick the winners. Winners will be announced next week in my Sunday Post. :D

Have a great week, y'all!!

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