Thursday, January 28, 2016

That's What HE Said #50 ~ Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts #30

That's What He Said is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely ladies @Chapter Break. Here's the deal: every Thursday, post a line from your book boyfriend to his heroine. Keep in mind, these are direct quotes from dialog in the books. The quote doesn't have to be romantic - just something our hunky hero said to his lucky lady. Be sure to link up over at Chapter Break as well.

My pick this week for That's What He Said is from:

Nowhere Ranch by Heidi Cullinan

I'm kinda bending the rules this week with my quote. See, Roe and Travis, they're more men of action rather than men of words. But their actions spoke volumes, so I'm sharing that.


"But the circlet with the brand he gave back to me. He put it around my neck and told me it was to remind me I belonged at Nowhere Ranch and Nowhere belonged to me. Which I knew was his way of saying he belonged to me."


When Roe came to Nowhere Ranch, he only had a hotplate and a mini-fridge in his little apartment. As he got closer to Travis, he was able to flex his culinary muscle in Travis' kitchen. And the meals he made did great things for them both. :)

"I cooked for him quite a bit. First the roast, and then I did some pork chops and some steak. I found out the way to Travis's heart was a casserole. Scalloped potatoes about had the man coming in his pants. He was a real pleasure to fee, I'll tell you. Soon I was cooking for him every night."

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