Monday, June 29, 2015

Brandee's Bookish Babbly #4 ~ Genre Binging

Welcome to Brandee's Bookish Babble. There are many, many similar posts to this one - but basically I wanted a place to discuss bookish and/or blogging stuff and I needed a title. :) So this is my new discussion feature.


As y'all know, I never used to read outside the Literary Fiction section of the bookstore. And then I read a little book called Twilight and my reading life changed! I was looking through my book journals and I found a trend. After reading Twilight, I binged on Young Adult books. Then I got bored and move to a different genre. I binged on Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy books. Then I got bored with that and I moved to something new. I binged on Romance. Then I got bored again, so I moved onto a different genre. I binged on New Adult. Then...yep, I got bored AGAIN.

This year, with all the challenges I'm participating in I'm really jumping around between ALL the genres I enjoy. And I've figured something out. I prefer the variety. I like reading a vampire book and then reading a contemporary romance...and then a young adult. I'm also switching back and forth between my ereaders, physical books, and audio. I think it's making me a happier reader. And best of all, I'm not getting bored.

So I y'all genre binge read? Or do you hop from genre to genre? Do you switch up your reading format? And for those of you who only read one particular genre, how do you keep from getting bored?


  1. I absolutely jump from genre to genre. . .although, I'm currently on a Contemporary kick. I like to read contemps, sci-fi, and horror/thirllers, so there is a lot of variety. I'm a mood reader, so it's whatever I feel like jumping into. I also change up the format - I use audible, so every month I get a free credit, so I do at least one audio book per month. Which works great for me because I also knit and knitting while reading is definitely my happy place. I do both physical books and ebooks. That's a mood thing - sometimes I feel like a physical and sometimes I want an ebook. I don't think there's any method behind that, it's simply mood. I love this feature, by the way!

  2. I came to erotic romance because I was in a book slump. Then I also read urban fantasy, contemporary romance but just like you, after a while, it gets boring. So now, I've rebuilt my to-read list taking great care of mixing genres, including thrillers, mysteries, sci-fi, whatever book people find good. Variety is the best ;)

  3. I do tend to get on a bender and then need to switch

  4. I try to read across genres, but I find YA so varied that I hardly ever get bored :) Well, I guess I'm boring like that, lol :P

  5. Because I review for Rabid Reads-I read mostly paranormal books-of all types. To switch it up, when I review for Pure Textuality, I review thrillers, mysteries, contemporary romances and any paranormal that has already been reviewed on Rabid Reads by other reviewers. Gives me the best of all my favorites genres and keeps me from getting bored :)

  6. I used to binge too, but now I jump around a lot. Part of the reason is book club, it forces me to read something different every month, which I love. I still go on mini binges, but then it's usually not genre so much as a series I'm devouring (like Kitty Norville right now). I'd get bored if I didn't switch it up a lot though. And without my audiobooks I'd go insane!


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