Friday, June 12, 2015

#ShelfLove ~ Mid-Year Check In

Wow! How did we get to mid-year already?!? This month, we're discussing how we're faring at this point in the challenge.

As y'all know, I've added my fair share of books both to my physical and my digital shelves. And I've done far more adding to my shelves than removing. I have, however, kept to my budget, used gift cards I received, and/or one-clicked freebies. So in the grand scheme of things, I'm doing well. Yay, me! :)

One area of progress (well, I've really only one!) I'm happy with is that I'm making a conscious and concerted effort to read books that I own...and have owned for awhile. It may be silly, but it gives me a good feeling when I can move a physical book from the TBR shelves over to the Read shelves. And on my ereaders, I get a certain amount of satisfaction when I can 'move' it to the Read shelf. Here's to hoping I can continue this trend - and maybe even add fewer books to my shelves so that I can see the ratio shift!

What about y'all? How are you doing with the #ShelfLove Challenge or any challenge you're doing?


  1. Congrats ! I want to read more of the books I already own, too, but there are so many newbies... ;)

  2. Hey, that's great that this challenge is helping you to dust off your shelves, you're doing well reading more than you acquire and you're sticking to a budget so yay.

  3. Not doing any challenges but I am glad yours is working so well for you. My tbr pile is out of control and I just keep buying. I need to get it worked on!

  4. Congrats on being a good girl, girlie!!!! :) It does feel good when you're in control of your shelf. I add my new books to GR and only buy what I read, just before I read it. It's a good strategy. But, yes, my to-read shelf has always been somewhat out of control!!!

  5. Good job!I It does feel good when we move a book from the TBR to the Read shelf. I'mnot feeling as motivated to read lately, I need to slow down on the hoarding so I can catch up even for just a bit.

  6. I've been attempting to clear a few books of my shelves too. I've made a little head way, but not as much as I would like. New books keep coming out and I find my attention often drawn to them. Oh well, better to have too many than too few.

  7. I've got so much gift card cash saved up on Amazon right now! I was thinking I need to make a list of must have books so I don't go all hog wild later and buy a bunch of books I won't read!

    Terri M., the Director
    Second Run Reviews

  8. I am clearing some of my NetGalley books, so I can boost my percentage. Some of them have been there since I started blogging. I have been getting through a lot of my review books that I got in the mail too. So I think I have had some progress!

    Naomi @ Naomi’s Reading Palace


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