Wednesday, June 18, 2014

**Cover Reveal ~ The Caging ~ Sarah Dosher**

I'm thrilled to be a part of the reveal for Sarah Dosher's The Caging. I think the cover is rather provocative and seems to reflect the premise of the book well. Y'all know I like a cover to be indicative of what's inside the book. :) What do y'all think?


The Caging by Sarah Dosher
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Cover Designer: Perfect Pear Creative Covers
Hosted by: Wordsmith Publicity

Book Description
One year that forever changed me.
One year that you stole me away.

One man that I’ll never forget.
One man that caged me in darkness, gave me a new name, and tried to force me to become her.

You said I had one year to love you or I’d never be free from my Cage.

Here's a beautiful teaser...

Sarah Dosher was born and raised in rural Oklahoma where she currently resides with her cowboy husband and twins (one cowboy and one cowgirl).

She is addicted to books and The Golden Girls. Her love for characters inspired her to write her first novel, Haven from the Storm. 


  1. I like that the cover reflects the story, too! I like this a lot. Thanks for sharing, Brandee!

  2. This synopsis has me so intrigued! Thanks for sharing!

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

  3. Oh, my! The cover looks beautiful and the blurb is so dark and twisted... Are you going to read it? I definitely look forward to your review!

  4. So . . . I get what they're doing with this cover. Really, I do. But . . . yeah, that cover is creepy. Someone better get that girl out of that cage. Seriously.


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