Monday, June 30, 2014

**New Release Review ~ Lost in Starlight ~ Sherry Soule**

I was quite excited to get a review copy of Lost in Starlight, and I'm happy to report my excitement was warranted. :) Here are the details on the book, in case you've missed them previously. And enjoy my review.

Lost in Starlight
Starlight Saga #1
Release Date: June 26, 2014
Genre: YA Fantasy
Source: I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review
Rating: 4 Bookworms


High school reporter Sloane Masterson knows she has one helluva story when she witnesses hottie Hayden Lancaster bending forks with his mind.

Like any good journalist, Sloane sets out to uncover the truth, even if it includes a little stalking. When the superhuman feats start to pile up and the undeniable heat rises between them, Hayden has no choice but to reveal his secret: he’s an alien hybrid.

They’re as different as night and day—she’s a curvy, purple-haired, horror junkie and he’s a smoking hot, antisocial, brainiac—yet the intense fascination between them refuses to go away. Even at Hayden’s insistence that dating each other is “off limits” and crazy dangerous, their fiery attraction threatens to go supernova. 

Now Sloane’s dealing with creepy government agents, ├╝ber snobby
extraterrestrials, and a psycho alien ex-girlfriend out for revenge. After a crash course on the rules of interstellar dating, Sloane must decide if their star-crossed romance is worth risking her own life....

Oh, what a fun read! With a kickass, snarky heroine, a swoon-worthy hero, intrigue and snappy writing, Lost in Starlight was, as Sloane would say, awesomesauce!

Sloane Masterson is an exceptional heroine. This purple-haired, full-figured, horror-film loving girl is smart, snarky, and not afraid to stand up for herself. As a reporter for her school's newspaper, she's investigating one sexy Hayden Lancaster, whom she's been crushing on since his arrival in town. Her investigations bring to light some interesting things and put her on Hayden's radar.

Hayden Lancaster is one intelligent HOTTIE. And he does his best to keep his head down and avoid attention. Which is probably why he noticed Sloane - and her stalking. Hayden has some pretty big secrets - secrets that those close to him are willing to go to drastic measures in order to protect.

As Sloane and Hayden get closer, they face discrimination, danger, and uncertainty - not only from those wanting Hayden and his secrets protected, but from someone in Sloane's camp as well. These two young lovers must decide if what they've found in each other is worth the risk.

I delighted in Ms. Sloane's writing - her use of pop cultures references and the use of Sloane's Friday Night Babble articles in between chapters. It was exciting trying to figure out what was going to happen next and trying to unravel the mysteries. Plus, Sloane and Hayden are definitely a couple to root for. The similarities in their story and Romeo and Juliet made for entertaining reading. I liked Hayden's comment:
"I just finished reading Romeo and Juliet, and do you know what the first thing I thought was? It's called a tragedy for a reason. They were this young couple, and they died because their families wouldn't let them be together. There isn't anything romantic about that. It's just stupid and sad."
Lost in Starlight was enchanting. I'm very anxious for the next installment in the series. I'm eager to see where things go between Sloane and Hayden AND to see what comes of the revelation at the end. Whoa!

Award-winning author, Sherry Soule writes thrilling tales of romance and suspense, often mingled with a dash of the mystical and a splash of trendy fashion. Her published novels do not include any graphic sex, explicit violence, or excessive profanity, so that all of her novels can be read and enjoyed by both teens and adults. Sherry currently lives with her family and one very spoiled black cat in California's San Francisco Bay Area.

Sherry's debut novel, Beautifully Broken, was nominated for Best Paranormal Romance in the 2011 Wizard and Witch/Sorcery category by The Romance Reviews (TRR). Her adult PNR novel, Immortal Eclipse, is a *TOP PICK* by Night Owl Romance Reviews.

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  1. I'm so glad your enthusiasm paradise off, Brandee! That's a nice feeling. And I agree with the heroine's take on Romeo and Juliet, not romantic at all!

    1. It was a nice feeling, Andrea. And Sloane was just such a great heroine!

  2. Love the names of the characters! Brandee, your review has me intrigued. This one sounds great!

  3. And here's yet another one that sounds fan-friggin'-tastic. I'll probably wait until the series is further along--I don't know if "revelation" means "cliffy" but even if it doesn't, I'm super impatient about those kinds of things, and try to avoid them at all costs. Definitely going on the wishlist though ;)

  4. I love your review! It's so cute!!! I am so adding this book to my tbr pile. So glad you enjoyed this book!!!

  5. The quote about Romeo + Juliet is hysterical! And true, lol. This sounds like something I'd really like - I can identify with her already with the purple hair. ;) I'm glad you enjoyed this book, Brandee! :)


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