Saturday, June 14, 2014

**Sidekick Showcase ~ #46 ~ What Makes a Good Father?**

Sidekick Showcase (previously known as Sidekick Saturday) is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by Jaclyn at JC's Book Haven. There are many secondary characters that are as great as the primaries. In some cases, the sidekicks actually steal the show and you like them better than the heroine or hero. Maybe they didn't have enough page time for how great they were. Anyone can play along! Just do the following:

• Choose a sidekick *or someone other than the hero or heroine* that you would like to put in the spotlight that fits in this week's type

• Share a picture (if possible) and information about the character
• Give the title and author of a book the character can be found in
• Please don't include too many spoilers when describing why the character is such a great sidekick
• Put your link in the Linky thing and comment


June's theme ~ In honor of LGBT Pride Month, we can celebrate those characters that we love. Also, in honor of Father's Day we can pick dads or characters we think would make good fathers. Also, since summer trips start in June, we can pay tribute to characters we'd hate to travel with or just remind of of summer trips from one reason or another. 

I'm going with Father's Day since it's this weekend, so
my pick this week:
from JA Huss' I Am Just Junco Series

Lucan is...special. There were so many times throughout the series where I questioned his motives. He did things that made me want to hug him and he did things that made me want to shake him. In the end, he proved to have always loved his Aves - Tier, who was his son for all intents and purposes, and Junco.  

"Gifts before birth are a loophole in the rules. It was the only way to create what I needed. I'd known it since before I was reborn because that's how I was Chosen by my own father.

And I gave Tier the same gift my father gave me.

Unconditional love.

It worked for my father. I never did kill him even though sons killing fathers is almost cliche where we come from. Almost like ti's Destiny. But I cheated and shifted my fate so far, my Destiny slipped and I stopped being the son he made and remade myself over into Lucan.


I cheated when I gifted Tier. And this makes me smile, because it was so easy and simple. And it was something my father never understood.

Love is earned, not mandated.
So I loved Tier back.
-Lucan, Return

"I would rather kill her myself than let my father take her as a punishment in my cycle.
Because that's what love is.
-Lucan, about Junco, Return


  1. Awww this is a sweet post for a few reasons. Happy Father's day to your dad and your hubby!

  2. I didn't know that your Father's Day was on a different date to ours. Here in Australia it's not celebrated until the first Sunday in September. (Sept 7th this year). Anyways, I haven't met Lucan yet but he sounds like a good choice.
    Hope you're having a great weekend, Brandee.

    Marilyn @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

  3. I really wish that I was caught up in the series! I've only read the first two books so far. He's still questionable where I am :D I LOVE the quotes. I'm really looking forward to watching this character develop. I hope you're having a great week! Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.


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