Wednesday, December 31, 2014

**2014 Challenges - My Performance Wrap-up**

I didn't participate in many challenges in 2014 because I'd learned in 2013 that I didn't do so well with them. I'm happy to say that I did *MUCH* better in 2014. So much better, in fact, that I'm signed up for all sorts of challenges in 2015! Here's how I ended up faring:

2014 Goodreads Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge

I challenged myself to read 150. I ended up reading 184. Yay me! I will probably keep my number at 150 for 2015 because I intend to try to read at a more relaxed pace next year.

COYER Spring Break

Oof! I didn't do so well with the Spring Break Challenge. I only read 2 of the 8 I'd planned to read!

COYER Summer Vacation


Ah, much, much better this time around! I'd challenged myself to read 30 books for COYER Summer Vacation and I read 45! I will admit that having no rules during this challenge might have helped! ;)

Jumble Your Genres

For this challenge, I was to read ONE book, in the assigned genre, per month. I'm proud to say that I only missed TWO months out of twelve. And one of those months, I actually did read a book in the specified genre, I just didn't get my review posted in time. The genre I missed? Sci-fi!

I'm pretty pleased with my performance in my 2014 challenges. Wish me luck with all my  2015 challenges!! *grins*

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  1. You did pretty good with your challenges this year! I actually read a lot more sci-fi this year and read mostly sci-fi during the sci-fi month I participated in. I only participated in Coyer Summer Vacation (my first reading challenge ever!), sci-fi month and Blog Ahead. I am hoping to participate in more challenges this year after I found out how fun they can be :).
    For which 2015 challenges are you singing-up for?


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