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**Release Day Blitz & Giveaway ~ Hansel Part 4 ~ Ella James**

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*Hansel Part 4 is the final installment in this erotic fairy tale. Full disclosure: it's a dark read. If you don't enjoy mind-bending stories with disturbing twists, this story may not be for you. *

RELEASE DATE:  December 1st, 2014
Hansel #4 by Ella James
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They were captives who shared a wall, and cut a hole in it so they could hold each other's hands. Until he killed their captor, Mother. Then he disappeared, and as the world swooped in to save the Children locked away in Mother's house, the girl called Gretel became...lost. No breadcrumbs.

Finding Hansel, years later, is the shock of Leah McKenzie's adult life. Finding out how far she'll go for him - that's no surprise.

Leah's given Hansel - Lucas, he says it is - every piece of herself. And he's been both cruel and kind.

What they share is dangerous.
What they feel is dark.
Their history is twisted.
Their hearts already broken.  
And that's before the secrets are revealed.
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My pulse quickens as I see a long lump on the bed farthest from where I’m standing.
For a moment, I think I hear him talking in his sleep.  
For a moment, I think of sliding under the covers with him, just to enjoy the irony. We’re sleeping with a wall between us tonight, but instead of a hole he sawed, there’s a door he left propped open. For once, we can actually reach each other.
But he said he didn’t want your company.
I exercise my will power and tip-toe slowly around the hotel bed, so I’m standing right beside his sleeping form.
At least I think he’s sleeping.
His cheek is pressed against the pillow, and his unhurt hand is curled into a fist up near his chin.
I’m fighting the urge to touch him, battling the forbidden desire to lean down close enough so I can brush my lips over his damp hair. From where I’m standing, I can smell the shampoo he used. It’s fruity; sweet. It’s so at odds with his big, rugged body. As if to make me want him more, he shifts his hips a little, and the sheet covering his chest slips down, revealing huge shoulders, smooth, hard pecs, and the upper portion of his incredible abs.
Oh my.
That’s a lot of muscle there.
I take a step back, feeling exhilarated because he’s beautiful, and I’m a bad, bad girl for sneaking in to watch him sleep.
That’s when his hand shoots out and grabs my wrist.
I let out a little cry as he jerks me toward the bed. Then he’s sitting up. His hands close around my waist and I’m dragged atop his sheet-covered lap. He strokes up from my hips, over my sides, and over my bare shoulders, tickling my neck before he gets a firm grip on my face.  
“What did I tell you,” he hisses, “about coming into my room?”

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The Hansel Series Reading Order

HANSEL (Book One)

HANSEL #2  (Book Two)

HANSEL #3 (Book Three)

HANSEL #4 (Book Three)
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About the Author:
Ella James
Ella James is a USA Today bestselling romance author. Her books have appeared on numerous bestseller lists, including the Movers & Shakers list and the Amazon Top 25 overall; two were listed among Amazon's Top 100 Bestselling Young Adult Ebooks in 2012. To find out more about Ella's projects and get dates on upcoming releases, you can stalk her on the following social media sites:

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  1. That excerpt is all kind of hot and intriguing, Brandee! I think I really need to get to know Both of these characters a little better, even if I actually jumped when his hand shot out to grab her! Yeah, that's how into those lines I was!
    Thanks for sharing :) *BIG HUGS*

  2. There you go tempting me with your smut again. LMAO! I like that this is a sexier version of Hansel & Gretel because that appeals to the paranormal reader in me, and that except definitely made me stop and take notice of Ella James' writing. I bet you're going to tell me that I should go back and start at the beginning though, eh? You sure don't make my life easy!

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads.

  3. I know you're a secret smut lover, Carmel! ;) And of course I'm going to tell you to start at the beginning - at least with this series. And #1 is FREE, so there's your EASY button. I haven't started this serial yet but I have to say that I'm betting it's even better than her first two. I loved Red & Wolfe, and I really loved Beast - except for the ending. Hansel seems darker and grittier. Keep an eye out for a review...I'll get to it sooner than later, I'm sure.

  4. I like the excerpt too, Lexxie. It seems as though Hansel is grittier than James' previous fairy tale retellings. I'm excited about that. (what does that say about me?) I haven't started it yet but I do have them. :) Soon... **BIG HUGS**

  5. LOL, I think that says that you're a not so secret smut-lover, Brandee :P

  6. I got the first one, got it for free. This is a serial right? I think I know what I'll be readidng before bed tonight ;)

  7. Well, that was a given, right, Lexxie?!? :P

  8. Yay! Yep, it's a serial. Only like 80 pages I think. Enjoy! Oh, and maybe go to bed with some ice water. ;)

  9. For some reason, when I see a book based on a fairy tale I run away from it as fast as I can. I just can't wrap my mind around an adult fairy tale, or a twisted fairy tale. I know I seem to be in the minority! But I am glad you are enjoying :)

  10. I have book one and need to start them...sounds dark and fun :)

  11. Another serial I need to start... I just wish I had more time to read!!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  12. You and me both, Naomi. I have the first and the last ones...gotta find time for them. I think this one just might be even better than Beast! ;)

  13. Me too, Kimba. I've read James' first two fairytale twists and enjoyed them. Hansel seems even darker...I'm looking forward to it. LOL

  14. I was kinda that way as well, Lorna. And then I read one for a challenge. I kinda enjoyed it, so I've read others. With Ella James' serials, I'd read some of her other works so I knew I liked her writing. That's why I gave them a shot.


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