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**Rock Chick Chat ~ Rock Chick Revolution ~ Kristen Ashley**

So we've come to the end, y'all. The final Rock Chick installment... I can't believe it's over. I've made some really good friends...found some H.O.T. book boyfriends...laughed and cried. Robyn and I are officially Rock Chicks now. And so our book chats will be called, from this point forward, Rock Chick Chats. Oh yes, we have many more Kristen Ashley reads to hit. And I think we're both ecstatic over that! I'll have to see what football bets I can come up with. ;)

Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax, and enjoy our chat!


Rock Chick Revolution (Rock Chick, #8)Rock Chick Revolution
Rock Chick #8
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 13, 2013
Source: Purchased from Amazon
Rating: 5 Bookworms!

Ally Nightingale has secrets. Secrets she doesn't even share with the Rock Chicks. But two men know what she's up to. One has her back. The other has her heart, but he doesn't know it.

As Ally rewinds the last year of her life, she knows two things. One, she's never going to get what every Rock Chick should have - her own Hot Bunch guy. And two, she's a Nightingale through and through. She just isn't sure what to do about that.

But as her secrets are revealed, the men in her life react. Darius Tucker, a lifelong friend, as usual takes her back. Ren Zano, the man she loves, isn't quite so sure. The Rock Chicks, Hot Bunch and the entire gang at Fortnum's weigh in, and a Rock Chick Revolution starts brewing.

It's up to Ally to control it and prove what she knows down to her bones. 

She's a Rock Chick, she deserves her hot guy and she's going to keep the one she wants...

Because she's a Nightingale. 

My final thoughts...
This final book in the Rock Chick series was, to quote Ally, righteous! It was the perfect ending to a series that is one of my all-time favorites. It's been quite a ride and I've loved every second of it.

Thank you, Kristen Ashley, for introducing me to "a motley crew of cops and crooks, bounty hunters and baristas, PI's and rock stars, hot guys and Rock Chicks." You've made them my people. My family. :)

Robyn: Rock Chick mania! How is it that Ren is so different from the other Hot Bunch guys and still right in line with them? Ally is plain crazy, but not like Indy. Indy is just wild. Ally always seems to be in search of something. Her own HEA, her purpose in life, scumbags worthy of a knee to the nuts? All of those I think. I like how street Ally and Ren are when they bicker with each other. Not an ounce of composure when they tussle. I remember when she got pissed that Indy was in so much danger and instead of letting the police handle chasing the bad guys when they sped away she put the car in gear and went after them with angry gusto. Everyone was pissed at her, but she was going to get justice for her BFF. 

What do you think of the beginning, all that back story? I almost never like that, but Kristen Ashely gives us the goods so good. I want more of their history. 

Brandee: It was a bad day...because I had to work and all I wanted to do was read Ren & Ally!! Robyn, I may be a little bit in love with Ren. Yes, he is different than the other Hot Bunch guys and  yet still sooo much the same. Ally is crazy but I have to say I love her brand of crazy. She is definitely looking for something...but that she'd do anything to help someone she loves and never goes back on a promise...that's the good stuff. I am really enjoying getting to really know Ally...and Ren. Their bickering is righteous, as Ally would say. Her explanations of fights and talks with Ren crack me up.

You're absolutely right about KA giving the goods so good. I want more of their history too. I have to admit to crying when a certain scene is repeated...both because of the original scene and Ally's perspective of it. It has been rather interesting to learn what all Ally's been up to while all the other Rock Chicks were getting their HEA, huh? I thought it was telling when Ally said she and Indy knew each other's secrets...well, Indy knew *most* of hers. Why do you think she kept everything with Ren on the down-low? 

So much has happened and I'm only at 22%! I'm off to read...

There always seemed to be another world Ally lived in while the other Rock Chick's got their HEA, I just wasn't sure what. I thought it was pretty amazing in the first Rock Chick when she was the one to find Rosie. She beat all the boys. I think she has good reasons for keeping her secrets, but I sort of think she also didn't want to ever be jealous of her girls and the only way to do that was to safeguard a few things. Or I could be over thinking it. 

So you're in love with Ren, huh? That fight with Luke over Ava in the parking lot was so dang awesome (a few books ago) and I remember Ava jumping to his aid, but doing it in a bossy hot chick way. I've been waiting for their story and I am just loving how different this one is mapped out. She isn't fighting her feelings. He isn't pulling out the handcuffs, yet. He's bossy in bed, but way into talking things through. It's just so dang good! 

I'm at the 28 percent mark and I really have to get some sleep, so that means, I'll be up late again! Happy reading tomorrow!

I did find a nice stopping place - one where I was in love with Ren again. :) I'm sooo tired and I just can't put it down. It's one of my favorites in the series too.

I like how you said Ally always seemed to live in her own world - she's different than all the other Rock Chicks. I really like that KA gave her a book that is different than all the others. She is different. She doesn't fight her feelings - not exactly anyway. And Ren is one hot-headed Italian American hottie ;) but he's not your typical Hot Bunch guy. He's Ren. And she's Ally. *sigh* What did you think of his comment about her being the backbone?

Their first date? Classic! Especially the end of it - both at the restaurant and at home. ;) 

What are your feelings about Hank and Lee being so against Ally's chosen profession? Gotta say I wasn't real thrilled with Ren's initial feelings and then...he made me all melty right along with Ally.

What did you think about the family dinner that was ambushed? And how Ren handled things? And how Mal handled things with Ren?

We haven't seen a lot of Amalea yet, but I adore Ren's mom already!

Okay, I'm off to read until I can no longer hold my eyes open...


I'm tired and I haven't had nearly enough time with Ren & Ally today! *pouts* 

Tomorrow won't be much better as I'm attending a birthday celebration 'down the hill'. Hopefully I can squeeze in some time with this Rock Chick, Rock Chick, Rock Chick! *squee*

We gotta talk does  he always know what to say and when to say it??

I have a Rock Chick hangover. This installment is my top favorite along with the first one. Not as funny as Indy's book, but so much more emotional and something else, not sure what. 

Duke, man, Duke is the most huggable character in the entire series. Just thinking of him I get emotional. During one of his heavy scenes I was at the library waiting in a room with 3 best selling authors who were about to do a mystery writers panel. They were chatting about movie rights, not kidding, and I was trying not to bawl my eyes out! I realize maybe this was an opportunity to chat up authors, but the whole morning into afternoon I had been running around and it was my first opportunity to sit and relax. And it wasn't a Kristen Ashley talk. Nope. 

Ally is so laid back, she's my idol. She's the pretty girl version of Duke. She's also the perfect mix of Lee, Hank, and Indy. And Ren? He's top dog right now. I will have to re-read all the books and see if he's still the champ of all the Alphas in this series. I freaking love him! 

Oh my goodness, Dawn! How awesome was every single scene with Dawn and Ally. Okay, gotta go. Football Sunday! More RC chatting later. 

I had an epiphany about one thing that made Ally different from the other Rock Chicks...she's not as soft. She talks like Hot Bunch guy, right? She can be soft and mushy but her strength, inner and outer comes from a different place than the other girls'. She is BADASS! In a Hot Bunch guy badass kinda way. I guess she is the perfect mix of Lee, Hank, & Indy. And yeah, kinda the female version of Duke.

God, I loved this book. It was amazing in how perfectly it wrapped up everything. I'm so completely satisfied with how things are for all my Rock Chick friends. Ally and Ren's book left me with *that feeling* Ally kept talking about.

The Darius thing - I just didn't know how Ally was gonna straighten out his shit. But she did. Of course, it took a Rock Chick ride to do it, but she did it. And it made me warm with that feeling. :)

I was kinda pissed at Lee for all his big brother protectiveness. Although I wasn't surprised. I was kinda surprised Hank caved. Those two boys and their love for their sister also made me warm with that feeling. 

Omigosh, Dawn. Hell yeah, I loved all her scenes...particularly when she got put in her place. *haha*

Ren...*sigh* yeah, he's definitely top alpha for me as well. Funny enough, I can't tell you why. Maybe it's just the way that he and Ally fit? He can be bossy - but usually just in bed, where it doesn't bother Ally. (and wouldn't bother me either...just sayin') But maybe it's really because with the other Hot Bunch guys, they give their women what they need but they do so by beating them over the head with it until the Rock Chick capitulates. Ren...he just gave Ally what she needed in his own quiet beating over the head required. (although I wanted to beat her over the head in the beginning) What do you think it is that makes Ren top alpha?

Oh, and by the way, getting Duke's background...yeah, that explained so much. This whole group is who they are because of all the strong male and female role models they grew up with. It didn't matter if their dad wasn't in the picture or their mom died when they were young, there were all these other strong adults to step in, fill that role, and love 'em strong.That is family. They were all a family. (I'm getting the feeling the heat behind my eyes *sniff*)

I have a book hangover for sure. But the bright side is we can follow Mace & Stella to LA. :)

Also, I had to go look up Stana Katic from Castle so I could see what Ren thought Ally looked like....gotta say, that was pretty close to how I pictured her. :) 

I got a little book depressed after I finished this one. The last Rock Chick. It was so good and fresh, nothing felt like a rewind of the other stories and there isn't another one to plan for next month! I know we get to follow Mace and Stella, but I want more Ally and Ren dammit! Okay, so that's my four day long rant that's been going on in my head. I can get back to our chat. 

Ally was so much like the boys, she talked and thought like them. She wore the pretty underthings, but the girl was a kid sister raised by a tough  mom with a crazy best friend and two Alpha brothers. She's an alpha chick, that's what she is. Which is why I loved so much how she was with Ren. She never took on a fight with him just to win. If it meant something to him, she was good with it, but if it meant the world to her, she stayed true to herself. She didn't sell Ren or herself short. I know I was frustrated with both of them at different times, but I'm still wearing my rose colored glasses when I think back on it all. I can't remember what pissed me off! 

Ren's alpha-ness is a puzzle. He has some old fashioned ideas buried deep down in his upbringing that rears its head every now and then, but usually he's this equal opportunity male, give and take, share and communicate. Ally loves all his taking (goodness!), but not so much his communicating. 

The series did wrap up nicely, so I can feel free to re-read it whenever I want. We have to hit the Colorado Man series soon so I don't fall into another book depression. That's a real thing, you know. It's been so neat doing these buddy reads with you Brandee! Great books and awesome chats! Best football bet ever!

I'm with you on the book depression...definitely a hangover after finishing Ren & Ally. It's sad to think there isn't more Rock Chick for us. I know I'll re-read this series because it was *that* awesome. And yeah, we can follow Mace & Stella...but I'm still replaying scenes from Ren & Ally. And it's a week later?!? I was thinking about that scene where Tush is know the one. Damn, Ren is so freaking hot!

Ally - yeah, I think I most admire her and aspire to be like her. I love that she's just as much one of the guys as she is a Rock Chick. And I thought of you every time she was gonna cry - since neither of you like doing that shit. :) I really think they are my favorite couple because I adore how they are with one another. You're right about Ally never selling herself short with Ren. But he didn't either. They both took into account whether or not something was important to the other and never dug in their heels just because. I think, maybe in a way, they were the most mature. Does that make sense? 

And I've said it for every one of these books but I'm amazed at how fresh KA keeps things in every single installment. This one though, it takes the cake. *sigh*

YES! We will start the Colorado Man series next month so we can avoid book depression. There are so many KA books to choose from. AND we have books to buddy read from our two other football bets. :) I do agree though...this was the best football bet EVER. I'm thrilled to have lost because in the end, we both won! :)


  1. I didn't read this because I have book 1 and I want to know nothing :) And one of these days, I just might have a minute to read it-hopefully!


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