Friday, December 16, 2016

Audio Review ~ One Ride ~ Chelsea Camaron

One RideOne Ride by Chelsea Camaron
The Hellions Ride #1
Narrated byMaxine Mitchell and Joe Arden
Release Date: April 26, 2016 (audio)
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Source: Tantor Audio sent me a complimentary copy
Rating: 3.5 Bookworms
Challenges: #2016NewRelease

Roundman, president of the Hellions Motorcycle Club, has kept the chaos surrounding the Hellions contained for the last thirty years. When the dangerous side to their business comes knocking on his only child's doorstep, he realizes that his precious daughter-Delilah ("Doll")-isn't safe anymore. With Doll in danger from the association she has with him and his club, Roundman makes the only decision he feels he can-send her away. Calling on the one charter club president he trusts, he sets up a ride to keep her safe, all in hopes that trouble won't follow. Talon "Tripp" Crews has been ordered to take Doll on one ride away from the dnager while the club handles the threat. She's off-limits. His head knows this, but his body can't deny the attraction. She's feisty, fierce, and fearless. Constantly in close confines together, will they give in to the desire? Can one ride turn lust into love? Contains mature themes.

I picked One Ride because I was in the mood for an MC story. While One Ride didn't deliver exactly what I was looking for, it was still an enjoyable story.

Delilah "Doll" Reklinger is the daughter of the President of the Hellions. As such, she's treated as precious. Even though the MC life is all she's known and is what she wants for herself, her daddy isn't so sure he wants this life for her. He's done a good job of keeping his club clean and Doll safe but when trouble shows up at Doll's desk, invasive action is required.

Enter Tripp Crews. Tripp is a trusted member of the Hellions and Roundman's first choice in carrying out his plan to protect Doll. If only Tripp wasn't so attracted to her. If only she wasn't off-limits.

Overall, I liked this story. The characters were relatable and I did immerse myself in their story. But here's the thing - I felt Doll acted bratty quite often and it bothered me. Also, I would have liked more exploration of and dealing with the danger. It would have given the story more depth. And I was looking for the dynamics and camaraderie within an MC but it wasn't here in the detail I was hoping for. Of course, that's what I get for going in with expectations.

Mitchell and Arden were excellent though! They kept me engaged despite the story not delivering all I wanted. I will continue the series - I have to know what happens with a few of the secondary characters.

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