Monday, December 26, 2016

Favorites of 2016 ~ Narrators

I decided it'd be fun to bring 2016 to a close by listing some of favorites from the year. I hope you enjoy reading about some of my favorites and I'd be happy to hear about any of your favorites!


  • Kirsten Potter - she can rock an accent making her a favorite for historicals
  • Christian Fox - his delivery is so natural, and entertaining, I'd pay him to read my grocery list
  • Robert Petkoff - his range of voices and delivery keep me chomping at the bit to listen to Immortals After Dark
  • Mindy Kennedy - she *is* Teresa Drazen and her voice for Antonio Spinelli rocks as well
  • Joe Arden - he does a great job at conveying the emotions of the heroes and makes a great duo with Maxine Mitchell
  • Maxine Mitchell - she does well with conveying emotions as well and she and Joe Arden are one of my favorite narrating duos
  • Sebastian York - his growly voice, well, it does nice things to me so listening to him is an absolute pleasure
  • Nicole Poole - she amazes me! I'm always impressed with her ability to keep character voices distinct over a number of books, especially a series like Dannika Dark's Seven series where there is a large cast.
  • Mason Lloyd - his delivery of the crusty men of According to Hoyle was so spot on it made the story even more enjoyable

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