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#TravelingtotheTerminus Review ~ The Vincent Brothers ~ Abbi Glines

The Vincent Brothers (The Vincent Boys, #2)The Vincent Brothers by Abbi Glines
Vincent Boys #2
Release Date: December 18, 2012
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary Romance
Source: Purchased Paperback
Rating: 3.5 Bookworms
Challenges: #ShelfLove, #TravelingtoTerminus

Getting a boy to fall head-over-heels in love with you isn't easy. Especially when he's been in love with your cousin for as long as you can remember.

Lana has lived her life in her cousin's shadow. Ashton always made perfect grades, had tons of friends, and looks model-perfect. And she's always had Sawyer Vincent--the only boy Lana's ever wanted--wrapped around her finger. But now things are different. Lana has a chance to make Sawyer see her, and she's taking it. If only he'd get over Ashton--because Lana is sick of second-best.

Sawyer's heart is broken. He's lost his best girl to his best friend. And then Lana comes to town. Ashton's cousin has always been sweet and soft-spoken, but now she's drop-dead gorgeous as well. Sawyer doesn't know if Lana can heal his broken heart, but spending time with her might at least make Ashton jealous.

What starts as a carefree fling becomes a lusty game of seduction. Sawyer and Lana may have different motives, but their scintillating hookups are the same kind of steamy...

Yet another book I've put off reading since May of 2013, where I met Ms. Glines and had her sign a copy of The Vincent Brothers. *sigh* Oh well. I'm happy I finally read it.

After finishing The Vincent Boys, it was important to me that Sawyer have his day - or rather, find the girl that truly made his heart go pitter-patter (can I say that in regards to a boy?). Maybe I should say the one that turns him into a neanderthal because that tends to be a Vincent reaction when it comes to his "woman." But I digress. I couldn't have been more delighted that Lana was the girl for Sawyer.

What Worked:
  • Lana's tenacity. She'd always lived in Ashton's shadow, even with her own mom, but she decided she wanted something - in this case Sawyer - and she went all out in her effort to get him.
  • The premise. Even though Lana and Sawyer's intentions differed when they began their "fling", I liked the entire setup. Sawyer did irritate me with some of his decisions but since he's only 18, I suppose they were rather realistic.
  • Small town setting. I love the bonds between families and the community in a small town.
  • The drama being downplayed. Despite the fact that Ashton and Beau have pivotal parts in Sawyer's and Lana's story, I didn't feel like that drama was overdone.
  • Football. Both Sawyer and Beau are football players and I liked the role it played in their story - even their college choices.
  • Dual POV. I so enjoy getting the story from both protagonists because  it allows me an inside look, so to speak, and helps me connect that much more with the characters.
  • The resolutions. They left me satisfied.
What Didn't Work:
  • The resolutions. At least a few of them. They were reached too quickly, too simply.
  • Dangling plot lines. There were a few plot lines left hanging and they seemed rather important.
  • Underage drinking. This is a reflection of where I am in my life but as a mom of teens, all in high school or college, it bothered me there was so much underage drinking. 
Overall, The Vincent Brothers was a pleasant read. It stirred up my emotions, had me rooting for Sawyer and Lana, and falling for all he characters all over again.

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