Tuesday, December 6, 2016

#ShelfLove Discussion ~ Year-End Wrap-up

Bookworm Brandee

As part of the #ShelfLove Challenge, we have monthly discussion topics. December's topic is The Year-End Wrap-up.  

#ShelfLove 2016 Wrap-up


  • So far, I've read 69 books which is 12 more than last year. Of those books, 24 were physical books which were moved from my TBR shelves to my Read shelves. I read enough physical books this year to require a major shift on my Read shelves. Score!
  • I co-hosted with the ladies at Chapter Break and Second Run Reviews - my first time to do such a thing. :)
  • I still added books to my shelves and did so faster than I can read them. In my defense, many, if not most, were free as I acquired them at book events like BEA or one-clicked.
  • I feel like I failed as a co-host. I didn't visit as much as I'd have liked and I didn't participate enough on social media. Also, I had technical glitches with graphics and link-ups because I'm just not as technically savvy as my cohorts. ;)
Will I do it again?
Absolutely! I love the #ShelfLove Challenge. It gives me a goal as well as a sense of accomplishment to know I'm reading books I already own - most of which I've owned for awhile. ;) As for hosting, I supposed I'd be up for trying again if the ladies would have me.

What about y'all? What bookish item(s) are you most thankful for?

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