Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Favorites of 2016 ~ Worlds/Settings

I decided it'd be fun to bring 2016 to a close by listing some of favorites from the year. I hope you enjoy reading about some of my favorites and I'd be happy to hear about any of your favorites!

  • The Hollows - there's nothing I don't enjoy about The Hollows!
  • Gnaw Bone/Chantelle/Carnal, Colorado - these mountain towns that make up the setting for Kristen Ashley's Colorado Mountain series are where I LIVE! Gnaw Bone really is based on the town where I live but these mountain towns really come to life in the stories...
  • Regency Era London - this is where the Gardella Vampire Hunters series is set and it's perfect! From spending time with the Ton to skulking about in dark alleyways, it suits the story well.
  • Austin, Texas - I've spent quite a bit of time in Austin, where Dannika Dark's Seven series is set. Dark does an impressive job of setting the scene in this Texas town. From the heat and humidity (or the disabling snow!) and the barbecue, it makes me miss my home state!
  • Arlington, Virginia - since I was a teen, I was fascinated with this area - Quantico in particular - because that's where the action is. ;) I like this setting as shown in Trisha Wolfe's With Ties that Bind series.
  • The Realms of the Eternal Mates - I've enjoyed spending time in the different realms where Felicity Heaton's characters dwell. With portals between realms, I've visited many but my favorite so far is probably the Elf Kingdom. :)
  • Britain - I've spent some quality time in Britain this year, between My Heart's in the Highlands, Stormswept, and The Spymaster's Lady...and a few in between, my love of Britain has only grown!
  • Laguna Beach - Tara Lain has made this particular area of California interesting. I love the beach, the restaurants, and, of course, the men who aren't afraid to love their men! 
  • Denver, Colorado - I know, I know...but there are so many authors who live here and/or set their books in this great state where I live! Kristen Ashley, Jay Crownover, and JA Huss just to name a few... it just adds to the pleasure of reading when I know the places described OR they're places I can easily travel to. :)

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