Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Brandee's Bookish Babble #26 ~ To Freebie or Not to Freebie?

Welcome to Brandee's Bookish Babble. There are many, many similar posts to this one - but basically I wanted a place to discuss bookish and/or blogging stuff and I needed a title. :) 

I don't think I'm telling y'all anything you don't already know when I say, "Hi, I'm Brandee and I'm a book hoarder." It doesn't matter if it's digital or physical copies, I procure more books than I can possibly read and I do it lightning speed. Lately, I've been one-clicking freebies like nobody's I *need* more books. And it got me to thinking... 

What are y'all's freebie-clicking habits? Do you automatically one-click because "hey, they're free!" Do you read the synopsis first before deciding whether or not to pull the trigger? Do you one-click only if it's an author you know? Or only if the rating is 4-star?

I'm really curious about your habits and here's why... I feel as though I use discretion with freebies because even though they cost me nothing monetarily, they cost me space on my ereader. (and y'all, I have FOUR!) I check the rating, read the synopsis, read a few reviews - both positive and negative - before I engage my finger. But I'm thinking this isn't enough - I don't know, caution? When I started preparing for the COYER Blackout challenge (which begins this Saturday) I created a shelf of freebies (and 99 cent steals) and I stopped when I realized I was already at 350 books! That's more than I can read in 2 years! So now I'm thinking I need a new filter - one to help me in refraining from all the willy-nilly one-clicking. Any ideas? Maybe a "will I read this within a few months?" approach where if the answer is "no", I don't click?

Opinions? Suggestions?? Therapy ideas??

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