Monday, January 13, 2014

**Review ~ Wormwood ~ D.H. Nevins**

Wormwood by D.H. Nevins
Series: Wormwood #1
Release Date: September 26, 2011
Genre: Adult Fantasy/Post-apocalyptic 
Source: I received an ecopy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review
Rating: 5 Bookworms

Against a devastated, post-apocalyptic landscape, a legion of one hundred fierce half-angels is hell bent on purging the Earth of all humans. But one of them, the tormented Tiamat, struggles against his mission, and when he rescues a beautiful woman named Kali, he finds the attraction as troubling as it is dangerous. Can Kali trust the one creature who could be responsible for her ultimate demise? 

**Unfortunately, this book got buried under a mound of review requests...unfortunate because I hate that I didn't read it until now. Wormwood is not a light read but it is incredible!**

Wormwood is a post-apocalyptic tale told through the eyes of one who survived it, as she interacts with the one who was the implement of all the destruction. It is a gripping tale with so many plot twists and turns. It is grim and bleak, but imparted with gorgeous prose.

Kali Michaels, our heroine, is enjoying a hike in the woods around her home when the world begins to disintegrate around her. Making her way to a ridge, while dodging falling trees and boulders, she comes across a man she met 10 years earlier. She could never have guessed the reasons behind his sadness all those years ago, nor his role in the present circumstances.

Tiamat is a Nephilim. As such, he's been tasked with bringing about the destruction of Earth - a task that brings him great despair. He, along with his 99 brothers, carry out their divine orders. He is shocked and awed at Kali's appearance on the ridge where they first met. And I had to wonder if he realized then what her presence would entail.

Together, or apart, they both must face the consequences of Kali's survival and learn to navigate this new life and world. Tiamat alternates between hot and cold in his treatment of Kali. And Kali struggles with her feelings towards him. The other Nephilim also pose problems as they are torn between following their commander, Tiamat, and fighting their compulsion to kill Kali. And, of course, as is the nature of all things, where there is good, evil must follow. The demon, Richard, walks among the survivors, and Nephilim, to wreak as much havoc as possible.

Ms. Nevins' take on the end of days is riveting, and suspenseful. I joined Kali in her confusion over Tiamat's behavior and her horror in the events occurring around her, as well as their aftermath. I accompanied Tiamat in his despair over the devastation he must cause and the hurt he inflicts on Kali. And when many revelations are brought to light, I was gasping in surprise.

I adore Ms. Nevins' voice. Her writing drew me into this story and kept me enthralled to the end. As I said, this story is a grim one. Ms. Nevins' beautiful prose is a sharp contrast to the desolation it conveyed. Ms. Nevins took a age-old story and made it her own. I'm anxious to continue Kali and Tiamat's story. And truly sorry it took me so long to unearth this treasure!


  1. If there's an apocalypse I wish I die with the first wave. I don't think I can survive post apocalypse, I would be so miserable LOL.

    1. LOL I think it would be, too, Braine. Knowing everyone you knew and/or loved is gone...wondering why you were left? But Wormwood is an awesome read, imo. :)

  2. I'm with Braine!

    This sounds intense and cool. It's always great when a book that gets buried rocks.
    Great review, Brandee!

  3. I was thrilled it was great and sad that I'd buried it. :) Thanks, Andrea!

  4. Wonderful review, Brandee! The cover blew me away when I first saw it early last year. I remember tweeting the author about it. "I was gasping in surprise" is pretty compelling. I'm so glad you found this book in the stacks! I hope you're having a great week, Brandee!!

  5. I'm pretty sure I have this one on my Kindle somewhere. I'm moving it up on my TBR list. That's so cool you loved it - you've definitely made me want to read it right away. :)

  6. Brandee, I was just alerted to the presence of this amazing review (hooray Google Alerts!) and I simply had to pop in to tell you these two words -- WOW and AWESOME!
    WOW, I'm so thrilled you enjoyed Wormwood and I'm flattered by your praise. You just made my day! And ... it's AWESOME that you got some enjoyment out of a book that was forgotten for a while. I love it when that happens!
    Please let me know if I can answer any questions about the book. The sequel, Angel of Shadow, is well on its way. :) Hope you're having a great week! ~D.H.


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