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**New Release Review ~ Bend Anthology ~ Red & Wolfe ~ Ella James**

Eight mistresses of the erotic bring you eight original, never before published stories to excite and arouse, including USA Today Bestsellers Alessandra Torre and CD Reiss, and NY Times Bestseller K. Bromberg.

This anthology includes novellas from EIGHT authors and it's only available for a **LIMITED TIME** and **ONLY 99 CENTS**

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Red & Wolfe, Part I (Red & Wolfe, #1; Bend Anthology)Red & Wolfe by Ella James
from the Bend Anthology
Release Date: May 5, 2014
Genre: Erotic Romance
Source: Purchased from Amazon for Kindle
Rating: 5 Bookworms

Part I - An erotic telling of Little Red Riding Hood.

After years attempting to contact her estranged grandmother, an artist who lives on a remote island, Sarah "Red" Ryder is surprised to receive an invitation. When she arrives at the island, she's shocked to find it is now the home of J. Wolfe, the reclusive artist, who has his own plans for her.

Oh Ella! You're such a tease! I need more Red & Wolfe, NOW! 
Okay, Red & Wolfe is tantalizing. Ms. James gave just enough to hook me, reel me in...and now I'm hanging! ;) Luckily, the wait for the next installment won't be too long.

Red has never met her grandmother due to a falling out between her and Red's mother. When she finds herself in a financial bind, she reaches out to her grandmother. Receiving an invitation to visit was unexpected. And when she arrives, who she finds is equally unexpected.

So far, this story is fantastic. I've never read Ms. James before - despite owning many, if not all, her books. Her writing is excellent. Y'all know I love words and Ms. James uses them to give such description, I was in Boston, could feel the numbing cold - I was in Charleston and could smell the sea air. And she did a fine job with character development as well. I'm completely invested in both Red and Wolfe. And I'm anxious for my next fix!

I refresh my red lipstick about twelve times before leaving the shrimp shack, then point my Camry toward the water. 

The clouds are darker now, hanging low over the harbor. Gulls crisscross the sky, moving frenziedly. I follow the instructions of my GPS and pull into a parking lot that reaches to the water’s edge, where there’s a long, wooden dock lined with boat slips. 

I shoot off an e-mail. “I’m here.” Then I grab my duffel bag, lean against my hood, and wait. What will Gertrude look like? I watch the boats docked, serviced by fluttering figures, heads bowed against a muggy but swift breeze, and I wonder which of the boats could be hers. 

My phone vibrates. “Walk closer to the dock. The boat name is ‘Fog.’” My heart hammers. My mouth feels dry. I tuck my hair behind my ears, adjust the bag on my shoulder, and start walking. I walk along the long plank of the dock, passing boats—“Double Trouble,” “Choppy Cass,” “Stupid Does.” The wind blows my hair across my cheeks. A few strands stick to my lips. I’m pushing at them with my fingertips, looking down a few slots, watching for a woman with gray hair and my mother’s mouth. I’m walking slowly I see him: a tall man with broad shoulders, a short beard, and piercing black-brown eyes. He’s wearing a pair of slacks and a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, so I can see his muscled forearms. His face is partially shaded by a baseball cap. And even so, I know he’s here for me. 

Before his eyes even meet mine, my body flares like a lit match. He takes a few strides toward me, and his gaze touches my face. The heat fades from my cheeks, replaced by bloodless cold. 

“You’re Red,” a low voice says. 

“You’re not my grandmother.”

Collective biography

The Erotica Consortium was the brain child of CD Reiss. In December 2013 she asked JA Huss to help her pull together the hottest erotica writers to start a private Facebook group that would 
encourage support in all areas of bookish things. Members of The Erotica Consortium were personally invited by JA and CD and the group is complete with six additional authors: Shay Savage, Andrea Smith, KI Lynn, K Bromberg, Ella James, and Alessandra Torre. BEND is their first anthology together.

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  1. Oh I've read James before. I like her stuff! Thanks for the review, Brandee. Red and Wolfe looks good!


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