Monday, March 30, 2015

2015 Bookish Resolutions Update ~ Where Did March Go?

Bookish Resolution Challenge

Laura @Trips Down Imagination Lane and Michelle @Because Reading are the lovely hosts of this challenge. You can click the button above for all the details.


My 2015 Bookish Resolutions are:

  • Improve my Netgalley Rating (started at 15.2%)
  • Listen to one audio book per quarter.
  • Write more discussion posts and/or create some fun features for my blog.


I made solid progress on 1 of my resolutions this month...and semi-progress on 1. 

Where did March go? Seriously?!? I don't know why this month got away from me, but it certainly did. And my lack of progress is proof! Again, I didn't get any books from Netgalley read this month, so I remain at 16%. I reiterate that I *must* do better so I can get my rating up! I am planning to participate in Kimba's Clean Sweep Challenge in May (Caffeinated Book Reviewer), so I hope to make HUGE progress then.

I'm still listening to the same audio book - Never Seduce a Scot by Maya Banks. Since, for right now, I only listen while doing household chores, I'm not making much progress. Yes, that does mean I don't do a lot of cleaning! *haha* I will try to add in listening when I'm cooking or folding laundry...we'll see.

As for discussion posts/fun features, I continued posting my monthly Travel by the Book post as well as my Beyond the Books posts. I also came up with a discussion post idea so be watching for that in April. 

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my progress - although it could be better. We'll see if I can make even more progress on all 3 resolutions next month. How are y'all doing towards goals you set for this year?


  1. I can relate with you about Netgalley, congrats on your progresses, I'll be looking out for your April posts ;)

  2. You're doing well! My NetGalley score doesn't seem to want to move either. It's stubborn like that. :P I love that one of your goals is reading an audiobook - ate you enjoying your current one ?

  3. You are doing pretty well. I love your travel by the book posts and am happy you decided to start that new feature. I love original features like that. I am actually making progress on netgalley even though that wasn't one of my goals. I started reading during breakfast on my ipad and going through my netgalley books on there, it's slow going, but at least it's progress and it counts towards my review books goal as well.
    Good luck this month and I am hopign you can make some progress with that audiobook and your netgalley ratio!

  4. Thanks for commiserating with my on Netgalley ratings. :) I will get it up higher...eventually. *ha* Thanks and I hope your week is off to a great start!

  5. Thanks, Berls. It's progress, right? I'm glad I'm not the only one suffering from a low rating though. It does make me feel better - even if yours isn't as low as mine. ;) I am enjoying my audiobook for the most part. I think it's just going to take me time to adjust to how to pay attention while listening. It's so different from least for me. But I have quite a few audiobooks lined up for this self-challenge so hopefully I'll be better at it by the end of 2015. :)

  6. Thanks, Lola! I'm so glad you're enjoying my travel posts. It's been really fun for me to re-live my trips. :) And I'm getting to talk about books I read prior to blogging, so that's fun as well. I'm glad you're making progress on your netgalley reads. I'll get there - I will! *ha*
    Good luck to you with your goals as well. I'll be over to your blog soon to check out what I've missed. <3

  7. You are doing really well I think. I definitely am trying to work on my Netgalley reviews and status as well. Definitely need to get moving on those. How is the audio book so far? Hope you make more progress in April and I so agree March came and went and kicked my butt while doing it.

  8. Go Brandee! I don't think that's bad progress at all (probably better than mine anyway!) March really did run away, it was kind of scary!


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