Friday, November 28, 2014

**A Month of Giving Thanks ~ #11**

Berls @Fantasy is More Fun and Michelle @Because Reading are hosting A Month of Giving Thanks. I thought it was a great idea as Thanksgiving is actually my favorite holiday and I'm grateful for so many things. I may not manage a post every day but I wanted to kick off the month right.


I'm so very thankful for so many things in my life - my health, my husband, kids, family, and friends. I'm thankful that I can live in my version of paradise here in the Rocky Mountains. I'm grateful for the ability to read! *ha* 

But as this month winds down, I'm taking a page from Berls and Michelle and giving thanks for my blogging friends. I realize the month is almost over so I might have to cram a few together but it's the thought that counts, right?!? :) I'm now down to THREE days...


I'm very thankful to have become blogging friends with Teresa @Readers Live 1000 Lives. I can't remember how I found Teresa but she was one of the first blogs I followed - although I was still kinda nervous about leaving comments. :) I read The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer because of Teresa! And she's added countless other books to my TBR...certain JLA books, M. Leighton, Carmen Jenner just to name a few. ;) Teresa reads a variety of genres and writes wonderful gushy reviews. Have you met Teresa? If not, go see why Readers Live 1000 Lives. ;)


I have to give a shout out to Michelle @Novels on the Run. I'm very thankful to have met her. She a fantastic blogger, offering fun and insightful reviews in a variety of genres. PLUS, she's an author - writing as Emma James - and I'm grateful to have been an early reviewer for her first novel, A Little Faith. It was fresh and fantastic! Michelle just is a lot of fun, too. If you haven't found Novels on the Run, take a spin by her place. :)

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